Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shawn Sparks Tindr

Never trust first impressions.

Especially those garnered second-hand from an outsider who might or might not have a personal bias that coloured their initial impression. I certainly never do. In fact I make it a point to give fledgling acquaintances second or even third chances before I summarily dismiss them from thought and memory.

Or at least from my tight circle of friends.

For instance, Stalwart Shawn who we've started seeing more often these days. Even before we actually met the poor fellow, there have been endlessly persistent rumours about his apparent douchebag qualities. Apparently gathered from some of Shawn's careless off-hand remarks on several pertinent current world issues.

Baby, you can drive my car. 

Having been similarly tarred and feathered back in school. I certainly knew how that felt. Though I'll readily admit my well earned reputation as school bitch was far from fabricated! Even Mad Madison had gotten quite the unsavoury notoriety after her less than cordial breakup but we soon had that all cleared up!

So we had to know for certain.

As it turns out, Stalwart Shawn reminds me a little of my ISO. Same brash jock affability coupled with that subtle hint of rich boy arrogance. More cocky Reggie Mantle than boy-next-door Archie Andrews which would explain the less than favourable first impression earlier.

And also explains his fatal charm with women - well he's quite easy on the eyes too - though it doesn't seem to have sparked a Tindr here yet.

Paul : Surely you can find someone on Tindr. 
Shawn : Yeah right! 
Paul : Why not!
Shawn : Come over and take a look at my Tindr. 
Paul : Is that a proposition? 
Shawn : Let's start with the Tindr first. 
Paul : Alright. 
Shawn : Keep your expectations low yeah. 
Paul : There's no one around. There's only you. 
Shawn : Precisely. So now you understand how hard it is to find straight hookups here. 
Paul : Guess over here they don't have to rely on phone apps. They can just hook up at a bar. 

Turns out when it comes to getting off, it isn't quite as efficient as Grindr.

Unfortunately for the straight boys, it's not as easy relying on heterosocial apps to find someone here on this side of the Big Puddle. Either everyone on this side is a relentlessly straight-laced prude - or they are already busy hooking up at the dozens of seedy bars here. Since tawdry extramarital affairs are surprisingly commonplace here, I tend to favour the second theory.

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