Sunday, December 09, 2012

Deck The Belles

Time again for the annual Christmas fête in Netherfield. Carried that tradition over from back home - been doing it for three years since. Figured since I won't be here to celebrate with my friends and neighbours, I might as well throw a celebratory bash the week or two before.

Sweating ignominiously during the arduous preparations for dinner simply isn't for us so we've always hired caterers. Gives us more time to play dress up, something me and the other two tenants of Netherfield, Kool Kat and Fabulous Felix, simply adore. Don we now our gay apparel indeed.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone else invited.

Paul : OMG.
Kat : I see it too.
Paul : Flip flops? Crocs? 
Kat : Well I never!

Though the invitation card for the Netherfield Tea Party might read smart casual for the dress code, almost none of the guests come appropriately dressed. Most appear to have rolled out of their beds only to pull on the closest rumpled tee and shorts from the laundry basket and a pair of dirtied flip flops.

Paul : Good God. 
Felix : Ratty denim cut-offs? Seriously.
Paul : Maybe that's highly formal for them. 
Felix : What happened to Suit Up!
Paul : Used to think that dressing up for a tea party was inherently obvious. Maybe they mistook the invitation for a beach picnic. 
Felix : Don't you miss the days when we had themed parties?
Paul : And friends who would actually adhere to the theme?

Snotty much?

Hardly jolly but just let me rant a bit here. Look, I'm not deriding their choice of clothes - well, not much - but when there's a dress code clearly implied, shouldn't there be some intuitive need to follow? When did we all collectively start to think that scrubby casual wear can be suitably appropos for every sort of social event?

The halls are decked with boughs of holly, shouldn't you be similarly glammed up too? Suit up and join the chorus!


Vincent~ said...

i had a mini debate with my friends abt the dress code term "smart causual".

While i stressed it should be no lower than chinos and collar shirt. They all seemed to think tat jeans and slippers is suffice for the occasion.

I don understand, i mean, i would b upset if ppl wear those to my party if i requested for smart casual. Mayb it a new rule or something.

thompsonboy said...

For once, Malaysian GHEY should ditch their damn shorts and Super Dry t shirt for something else. I only allow shorts if it's paired with a jacket because these days you can have the short+suit combination.

savante said...

Irritated possibly, Vincent haha :) not the first time they have flouted such conventions but I guess it's the Malaysian way. Have you seen them at weddings!

OMg, exactly, thompson boy! They were wearing superdry tees and shorts.