Thursday, December 13, 2012

God Rest Ye Merry Salarymen

Unlike ye olde days when zealous fealty was paramount, these days it isn't all that uncommon to have even the most established salarymen forsaking their corner cubicles when a better offer comes along. Nothing like the seductive lure of the greener carpet flooring in the office building next door. Even I am not immune to the sweet siren call.

Yet Charming Calvin - despite his daily protestations about the evils of work - has remained steadfast at his post for the past decade. Or rather should I say his humble cubicle. Compared to the sinful wages claimed by his bragging peers, Calvin is only paid a miserly pittance for all the hard work he has presumably put in. Several months of insistent nagging ( on my part ) for him to send out a detailed resume to anyone who would listen only resulted in Calvin turning a deaf ear.

Till the proverbial straw.

Don't know exactly what prompted him. Could be his odious superior haranguing him again. Could be the intolerable work environment. Hell, it could be an inconsequential typo in the office newsletter.

And so the day came when he sent out two letters of application. Only two. Assuredly not the tottering towers of envelopes I expected but I was infinitedly pleased to see even some little effort made.

Paul : So have you decided to leave?
Calvin : Not sure yet.
Paul : What's making you stay? What's making you go?
Calvin : Not sure yet.
Paul : Maybe you should come up with a pro and con list. 
Calvin : Oh yeah, maybe I could do that.
Paul : Tidings of comfort and joy on the pro side hopefully. 

Normally any average joe, when given such a simple task, would briefly sum up the aforementioned pros and cons on a hastily torn scrap of paper napkin, listing them down with a borrowed pencil. Easy. Simple. Quick.

With all the complex equations and tables, how are we ever gonna come to a satisfactory conclusion!

Not for this engineer obviously. Someone obviously adores their spreadsheets, charts and graphs.

Paul : You came up with a coloured table with bullet points. Just short of a graph and pie chart.
Calvin : Soon.
Paul : You're a freak.


Anonymous Esq. said...

I could have done the same thing as Calvin too ... it looks more systematic that way. xD

savante said...

Aiks, anon! Tables and charts too!