Saturday, December 29, 2012

Should Auld Acquaintance

Quite laughable the cherished illusions we once had about ourselves. Like the erroneous conclusion that I'd made about being a shy, diffident wallflower back in high school - obviously recently debunked by my old classmates.

Turns out I'm far more prominent than I once imagined. Don't know if it's the way I talk, the way I walk or even the way I dress but somehow folks seem to remember me clearly.

Even from the tiny, almost imperceptible images I have of myself on the all-intrusive social media. Friends I know can easily attest that my pictures are shockingly rare, impossibly undersized and quick to disappear - kinda like the much lauded sporadic appearance of a passing comet. From an indistinct penny-sized stamp photo of my mug, it seems I can be effortlessly recognized by half the friends I might - and might not know on facebook.

Evidently proven on planes, trains and automobiles.

And these days, even in the gym.

Done my share of ogle-staring at some of the beefcake cuties in the gym, though I do try my best to keep discreet for fear of a violent gay-bashing. Almost impossible not to gawk unabashedly when a few choice specimens seem to spend all their time striking fieeerce poses shirtless in front of the full length mirror.

Whatchu looking at!

Not often do I get a quick glance in return but this morning I had particularly buff patron - not only catching my furtive gaze - but pointedly staring back full of undisguised curiousity. Wondered whether I'd need to make a quick getaway before I received a quick punch in the face. Was I drooling just a bit too much?

Then as he followed me into the shower, I started to reach for my mini brolly in my bag. Always a handy weapon for a purposeful smash on the face of a would-be assailant.

Patron : Hey, I've seen you online. You're Paul, right?
Paul : What the - 
Patron : Seen you around. Maybe Grindr
Paul : Hardly. I have a barely functioning Grindr profile!
Patron : Still, I've seen you around. 

Contrary to popular expectation, I don't actually enjoy carrying on conversations in the locker room while dressed in a skimpy knotted towel.

Waitaminute, it just came to me but did he want something else in the shower? 


Chen Xing said...

Yes, a little from you to him.

And I think, that's like a standard pick-up line the guy uses.

savante said...

Maybe he was trying to be friendly haha, chenxing :P

Leo Nut said...

I might have seen you around too.. Lolol

savante said...

If you do, just say hi, leo! I don't bite! Well unless you're helluva cute. :P