Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Almost Perfection

'You can never be overdressed or overeducated.'
                                       Oscar Wilde

Doesn't seem like my fellow countrymen are heeding his well-intentioned advice. Even at our own regular Netherfield soirees, we have unmindful guests arriving in their ratty tees and casual flip flops wondering aloud why the rest of us are so dressed up. The rest of us blithely wonder whether they've just rolled out of their beds to lazily snatch up whatever's left on the top of the laundry basket.

Presenting the proper image seems to be all important for the image-conscious Koreans though, especially judging by the chic, nattily dressed city folk traversing the streets of Seoul. Sure, most don't actually resemble the eeriely immaculate Kpop idols with their perfectly coiffed hair and ready smiles but it's patently obvious that just a little more care has been taken just before stepping out.

Just a tad more dressy. A little more attention to what they're wearing that day. Maybe a lapel pin to the jacket. A comb through the hair. A lil bit of lip gloss. That quick glance at the hall mirror moments before leaving.

Definitely not the swift rush-and-grab rummage through the crammed closet before rushing out that I am starting to suspect of the more casually dressed sartorial suspects. Which honestly only works if you're fortunate enough to look like this.

No, sadly I don't look like Kim Bum - who looks effortlessly gorgeous in a tee and shorts - so I have to at least wear something really nice.

Which is why we felt we needed to step up our game a little over there. After all I could hardly pass on my far from Adonis-like looks so I seriously needed something at least presentable to wear. Which seems to be cue for the endless comments from our friends on how shockingly overdressed we are.

Friend : You're wearing a spiffy suit over there? 
Paul : Yeah, a suit. 
Friend : Wah so overdressed! But it's a holiday!
Paul : So? You expect me to don bermudas and a tank top when it's 14 C?
Friend : Definitely not a suit. Maybe jeans and a tee?
Paul : Why not a suit? 
Friend : Because it's uncomfortable!
Paul : Why would you buy an uncomfortable suit!

And the conversation continues. Surely they didn't expect to see me travelling abroad dressed like a sloppy hobo? Don't they ever heed the immortal words of Oscar Wilde? When did bermudas and flip flops become readily accepted everywhere?

Needless to say, the Koreans - especially our hosts at the hanok - were truly impressed. Even more when we dressed to the nines for a traditional music night they organized at their home. Guess we did set a pretty high bar for future Malaysians.


Ultraman Jino said...

Oh no~ that "snatch up whatever left on laundry basket" sounds like me >.< haha

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

savante said...

It's alright when you're a student but it changes when you start your career! Imagine if your clients catch you dressed like a slob outside, jino.

Anonymous said...


kpop meets boy group meets dance meets eye candy meets omfg