Friday, May 03, 2013


Sometimes I do miss my ex.

Cheating bastard though he may be, my ISO can be endlessly resourceful. Not only in acquiring patently obscure items, instruments and information - but also apparently incredibly insatiable boy-toys.

Paul : I miss peanut butter and grape jelly. So hard to find here. Expats must be ordering them in crates since you can't find them in stores at all. 
My ISO : Smuckers? How many bottles do you need? Size?

That's as simple as it was. No beating around the bush. No multiple questions asked. No lame-ass excuses.

Since it had been a miserable day, to say I was touched would be putting it mildly. Whether my ISO would actually be able to find a bottle wherever he was didn't matter as much as the fact that he offered instantaneously without question.

Man, how did he know I wanted a jumbo tub of popcorn!

In retrospect, it wasn't all bad between us. Like any other relationship, it had its ups and downs. When my ISO puts his mind to it, the man can be surprisingly thoughtful in so many ways. It's always the simple things. Mashed potatoes on a crummy day. Bailey's ice-cream during a walk in a park. Burnt CDs in my workbag for my drive to work. And recently an MP3 player in the shape of a Lego brick.

Nostalgia much? Guess I don't hate him as much these days.

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