Monday, May 06, 2013

Mama and Calvin

Till now I have a rather... peculiar relationship with Charming Calvin's parents. Though it's been quite a while since he came out to both his parents, denial seems to be the prevailing attitude in his home. The Borgia variation of the infamous don't ask, don't tell. Presumably his formidable mother, Madame Borgia must have successfully deduced our relationship to one another - could there be any other logical conclusion? - but even then, she barely betrays any of her emotions by even a disapproving purse of her lips.

Well maybe once.

So it's all sweetness and civility whenever we have our tense lunches. Though his parents may be seriously taciturn, I do try my best to draw them into what little conversation we may have, twiddling my thumbs all the while hoping Madame Borgia doesn't reach for the kitchen knives.

Which makes me wonder how Calvin views my own mother. Since they do spend quite some time in each other's company, surely he has made his own carefully guarded conclusions on my wildly opinionated, highly judgemental mother. Assume Calvin remains quiet whenever I leave the room since I can't possibly fathom what they find to talk about when I'm not there.

Calvin : His mother comes to Pemberley. What shall I do!

Turns out I wouldn't have to imagine for very long.

Mother : I'll be going for a course next month. 
Paul : Nice. Which exotic locale this time?
Mother : Not very far away, it'll be in town. I was thinking of staying over with Calvin. 

I think I must have choked on my drink at that moment.

Paul : You're staying over at Pemberley?
Mother : Yes, for a few days. Maybe three. Would it be alright with Calvin?
Paul : I am sure it would be alright. What a delightful idea. 
Mother : Be sure to tell him. 

Didn't take but a moment after she put down the receiver for me to call up Charming Calvin. Rather than betray any misgiving, our stolid fellow Calvin only nodded and agreed to the arrangements. No doubt he learnt the art of unflappability from Madame Borgia.

My mother and Calvin in Pemberley without me as a buffer. Hmm. Here be dragons indeed.


Booker said...

Big hug to Charming Calvin :D
If all fails, gimme a call, come to Klang for dinner ;)

matt said...

Is the course the main reason for staying with Calvin, or do you think your mom just wants to get to know calvin better?

savante said...

True, booker! BKT solves a lot :) And I love pork!

Maybe that's her plan, I have no idea, matt. Highly suspicious that.

Ultraman Jino said...

Share the story next month lol

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Anonymous said...

darn! it didn't happen.