Monday, May 27, 2013

Love At First Sight

Basically there is no feel.

Really, how often have you heard this familiar whine?

Loads of my singleton friends - quite a few extremely eligible and far more handsome than these lucky buggers deserve to be - still find themselves busy trolling the homosocial media in search of the ever elusive one. With modern-day tech-savvy fairy godmothers such as Grindr and Jack'd to lend a helping hand, several times a week these knights would bravely head out on another dating expedition with their latest suitor, hoping beyond hope that their one and only Prince Charming has finally made it on his white sedan.

Unfortunately to no avail since they are searching for that mystical lusty feeling written about only in fairy tales. That magical love-at-first-sight, that-arrow-through-the-heart lightning-in-the-dark invisible-violins-playing one-leg-daintily-raised Love At First Sight. Capital letters yes.

Eh, sorry but still not feeling it.

Obviously the illogical kind that makes one impulsively risk dangerous dragons, calamitous curses and wicked witches to rescue a distressed damsel you've only once glimpsed through a faraway tower window.

That feel.

At least that's what Bibimbap Ben wants to find in a man. Blame happily-ever-after fables and overly sweet rom-coms. When it comes to Ben, apparently an utter lack of chemistry during a first date would extinguish any hope of ever having the next.

Ben : One date is all it takes!
Paul : Surely some guys grow on you, you can't base your entire judgement on just one meeting. First impressions can be wrong.
Ben : But basically there's no feel.
Paul : Feel?
Ben : Yes, chemistry!
Paul : You mean that lightning strike when your eyes meet across an empty room? The sudden electrical charge when your hands touch?
Ben : Yes!
Paul : Aiyo! That's pure lust at work! 
Ben : It's love!
Paul : At first sight?! Haven't you heard of the soup theory about love? Well more about arranged marriage but still...  Lust at first sight is like piping hot soup that grows cold over time while the love that takes a long time are like cold broths that you heat over time.
Ben : Soup?
Paul : Basically you've got to know a person first. And I doubt you can really know someone from the first date.
Ben : But there's no feel!

That always stumps me. The feel. Exactly what are they looking for? Do they seriously expect spontaneous fireworks and earth-shattering quakes along with the mind-blowing instant attraction? Frankly I'd be a little worried if that all happened during the first meetcute!

Seriously how can you possibly fall heads-over-heels in love when you barely even know the person? Doesn't that take time and effort? Shouldn't we be a little less quick to dismiss someone after a first meeting? Just imagine if our fairy tale beauty, Belle, had gone with her erroneous first impression of the hideous Beast rather than take the time to really know him.

Belle : Eeeew. You are hideous. I am so leaving now.
Beast : I know I have a bad temper but -
Belle : I meant your face. Eeew. Could you talk to me facing the wall instead?
Beast : But I am different inside. I'm articulate, intelligent, kind, gentle, I can even make birds come to my hand when I sing and -
Belle : Whatever you despicable monster. Call me a carriage now.

Beast : There are so many things I could show you. A magical castle! I even have a wonderful library and -
Belle : Talk to the hand. God, my father must have been insane to match us together. 

Poor Beast. So much for inner beauty. 

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Booker said...

It's not that he's not good looking enough to send my heart a-flutter (I look for no Adonis, for I am no Aphrodite) BUT there has to be some spark of interest... something to pique my curiousity.

Perhaps I am jaded. Or perhaps Buttercup and Aesop's Fables are such great company, they become hard to beat.