Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Mistress Comes Calling

Build it and they will come.

Of course I didn't realize what that old adage actually meant was building a modest fortune to have the hunters inevitably come sniffing around. Apparently Fabian Fabulouso was right when he said the boys would start coming around, and he did mean hungry boy-toys in search of a lil bit of sugar.

Trust me, I didn't even have to come up with an advertisement.

Like ravenous lil bloodhounds, these enterprising young fellows can somehow unerringly sense the presence of a patron willing to spend on a night of fun - a whiff of desperation and testosterone perhaps - and then find ingenious ways and means to acquire a proper introduction.

Even the unexpected SMS.

And I've always been a curious sort.

Sir, would you like some more? 

Indeed what surprised me wasn't the bartering act itself - their youth and beauty for a handful of cash - but the shocking candor of it all. Blatantly offering blow jobs in return for a tight roll of cash certainly strips away the romance of the chase. Coming from a jaded youth barely past his teens - despite having the enviably tight musculature of an adult Adonis, it leaves me almost speechless. Boy came just short of listing out his admittedly delectable attractions on a salacious menu with indiscreet price tags listed at the side.

Not in the least bit coy. Rather than sly flirtatious seduction at play, in fact it bears all the amorous enchantment of a cold sober financial transaction - which is to say little to none.

Boy : Can pay me upfront or after. 
Paul : Clear enough.
Boy : Prefer cash. 
Paul : Cool. 
Boy : And if it's adequate, perhaps a new laptop for me after?
Paul : That depends on the performance.
Boy : It's only 6 K.
Paul : To dole out that much, I'd need you to be in my sexual servitude for at least a month.

Maybe men look at getting off from a more practical point of view.

But I find it just a tad disconcerting. Perhaps these boys prefer to cut to the chase but in the subtle art of flirtation, they really have much to learn from the beguiling Mata Haris of past. As business-minded as they seem, I wonder if they even issue a tax-deductible receipt after the dirty deed!


matt said...

er.. where did this happen?

Vincent~ said...

well wad ya gonna do, having a laptop in exchange of a blowjob, some ppl just hav to sacrifice for their toys lol

Better than selling ur kidneys for an ipad I guess (it happened)

savante said...

Happened over here, matt. Surprisingly more common than you think.

True. Then again laptop for a bj sounds good, I would have done the same if I'd gotten that offer as well, vincent!