Sunday, June 16, 2013

The BallBreaker

Have to admit school reunions aren't exactly my thing. Last time I actually attended one was about five years back - and though I enjoyed meeting up with my old classmates, drunken carousing at midnight with the all-boys club wasn't exactly my style. Doesn't mean I haven't kept up with the lot of them, especially since modern technology has provided ways and means to connect us all with groups on facebook.

Which is how I found myself almost tittering to myself when I found a picture of the latest high school reunion. Had the usual suspects there of course, the callow boys I knew all turned to mature men now, all a bit more worn, weathered and wrinkled around the edges, but what surprised me was the unlikely presence of a particularly contemptible schoolmaster we all dubbed the Ballbreaker.

Which he actually did literally - ballbreaking, that is. Utterly infamous around our all-boys school for chastening his recalcitrant students by squeezing their barely protected crotches.

Not that I'd ever been a victim of his legendary gropes. Since I was a more conscientious student than most, that meant my projects were always finished in time, my homework was on the table by morning etc. Which significantly reduced the chances of any sort of disciplinary action.

Unfortunately more than I can say for some of my classmates. Since the Ballbreaker taught both an academic subject - and suspiciously enough, physical education as well, his punitive measures tended to extend to the field. So much easier to crush balls with only short shorts to protect the family jewels. Of course I'll have to admit to the slightest stirring of interest when I witnessed some of my hunkier classmates being involuntarily manhandled... down there. Quite an electrifying thrill to see a row of mortified boys yipping, yelping and yowling as they had their burgeoning teenage balls crushed by a knowing man's hand.

Shit, you mean it's my turn to get a crotch grab?

Sounds like the perfect setting for porn; guess I should have known by then that I could be gay. Ballbusting ballsy bad boys? Wouldn't have minded giving him a helping hand. Funny how it's always the fitter, hunkier boys who skive off from schoolwork.

But back then innocent Catholic schoolboys that we were, the very thought of  anything smacking of homosexuality would have been utterly unspeakable, if not impossible. These days, the Ballbreaker probably would be suspended with half a dozen claims of sexual misconduct. Whether he was actually a closet homosexual - or just a cruel sadist who enjoyed the sounds of boys crying out in pain while tip-toe dancing to his incessant abuse, we'll never know of course.

So to find the Ballbreaker taking a photo with some of his unwilling past victims had me smiling. Since most have turned out to be reasonably sane, somewhat rational heterosexual males, obviously the unwarranted abuse failed to leave any lasting mental or emotional scars. Just surprised they haven't clobbered him yet.


Shin Yong said...

O.O He was literally a ballbreaker, thought was funny nickname. Luckily, those victims still live happily or just acting?? x(

sharman said...

Always baffles me how they thought of such punishments.... Just so wrong on so many levels, but wonder what was the best part for him?? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

I have been lucky and have never suffered at the hands of such bullies but when I read things like this it reminds me of the Movie Sleepers, and the revenge brought upon the bully boys prison guard many years later.

savante said...

Calling him ballsqueezer didn't have the same ring to it, shinyong :)

I think some teachers can come up with the most ingenious punishments, sharman. Think they should work in porn!

Hopefully talesofted, the victims haven't gone crazy yet!