Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Art of French Parenting

For some peculiar reason better knownst to himself - even before I told him of my recent babymaking project - our friend Charming Calvin has decided to take up French Parenting. When I first heard it, I wondered if I'd mistook what he'd told me - like did he mean French Painting? French Cooking? French Baking?

Ah, I remember Paris!

Turns out it really was French Parenting! Something I can reasonably assume from his recent obsession with books expounding the relative merits of said Parenting. Whether inspired by the tortured father figure Jean Valjean and his overindulgent upbringing of Cosette or the recent opening of a oh-so-painfully-chic French cafe just a stone's throw away from his workplace... who knows.

Whatever his reasons, the man has taken to walking around with the latest bestseller by Pamela Druckerman guiding new parents to the world of French Parenting wherever he goes, possibly hoping to bring up his own bebe.

Paul : Does that mean you'll be the French parent?
Calvin : Oui oui!
Paul : So while I'll be the mean Asian Tiger parent holding the cane, you'll be donning fetching black berets and eating French baguettes?
Calvin : Mais oui!
Paul : Sure that's the extent of the book? 
Calvin : Oui!
Paul : That's the extent of your French, isn't it?
Calvin : Oui!
Paul : If that is so, you'd better learn to cook like the French as well.

Then Calvin starts with his painfully accurate Julia Child routine. After all that reading I should hope at least he'll learn how to say non when it comes to the bebe!


Ms. F said...

sounds like a good way of parenting. instilling values in kids without the cane is always the best parenting imo.

savante said...

Of course will try my best, f! :)