Sunday, June 30, 2013

Frequent Fucking Flyer

Or what we would call FFK over here which basically stands for 'Fong Fei Kei'. In its native Cantonese dialect, it means 'those who betrayed or broke a promise / deal made with another party'. Otherwise better known as standing someone up.

Back in the olden times there could be no uncertain vacillation when it came to keeping an appointment. Without easily available cellphones, we had to make appointments hours to days in advance and then keep strictly to the engagement. And once we've all agreed to be there at a certain time, there was no practical, accessible way to retract that statement.

Man, it's already been almost an hour. Did they just FFK me?

Certainly no way to make an easy excuse to disregard said appointment.

Especially with increasingly inane reasons such as a moderate headache or mild lethargy. Even worse to let the date slip from memory. Seriously, the only valid excuses are death, dismemberment or disability.

Anything else is just... lame.

Paul : Hey, we're already here. What would you like? 
Friend ; Oh I forgot. 
Paul : You forgot about a dinner you planned? That you practically arm-twisted us to attend?
Friend : Sorry yeah.
Paul : Well you can still make it. We haven't ordered. 
Friend : Lazy to change lo.  
Paul : Bloody hell. 

Once I make that promise, I try my very best to keep to it. Short of a patient nearing death needing my immediate attention, I will be there. Am I terribly old-fashioned?

Sad to say, the advent of technology with cellphones at our fingertips has made us just a bit lax when it comes to keeping appointments. A tactless practice growing increasingly common where almost everyone's just an easy call - or text message - away. Thus making it almost acceptable for them to commit a social faux pas by not turning up at the very last moment with the most asinine excuses.

Or heading off to another assignation knowing full well that any prior engagements should have precedence.

It's inexcusable. Let me put it out here - it's damned rude to give your friends a pass at the very last moment. In local parlance, the next time if you ever wonder why people bojio you, then you probably have ffk people one time too many.


thompsonboy said...

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Oh Yes I Am said...

I hope you gave him a piece of your mind. Man, if any of my friends gave me that type of crappy excuse, I would have royally f*ck them on the phone. Ohhh nice blog by the way. :)