Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Singing in the Rain

Oh God I hate the rain.

How many times have we heard that common lament spoken aloud? As the nebulous dark clouds gather threateningly to herald the arrival of a tropical storm, our increasingly anxious friends and colleagues immediately wail, whine and whimper over the alleged atrocities of rain, blaming the seemingly innocuous falling droplets of water for the endless traffic jams ( true! ) to persistently despondent moods ( patently untrue ).

And of course blithely hoping beyond hope for the imminent return of the sun.

Dang, looks like it's gonna pour. 

Seriously, I can totally understand such blind optimism when you're living in the Big Smoke ( or any other gloomy temperate country ) with unprepossessing daily forecasts of gloomy overcast sky and chilly inclement weather. At least a warm cheery sun bursting through the melancholy clouds would offer a sweet respite from the oppressive dullness of the gray.

But we're in sunny tropical Malaysia where blindingly sunny days and clear blue skies are the norm rather than the exception. So why share in the prevailing Western thought overwhelmingly shared by all that sunny days are oh so great?

Not that I dislike sunny days but hey come on, it would please me to have more cloudy days - at least to quell the horrible sweltering heat we've been having almost year-round.

Nothing better to hear than the soft splish splash pattering of falling rain. Rainy days make me smile. They make me wanna reach out for my vivid yellow umbrella and gray raincoat to dance and sing in the rain.

Rainy days are for getting our feet soaking wet as we splash through muddy puddles. Rainy days are for curling up on a comfortable sofa with a well-thumbed novel and a steaming hot cup of coffee. Rainy days are for gazing out the rain-drenched windows to dream of wispy castles in the air. Rainy days are for pulling up the thick blankets for another few hours of welcome slumber.

Even the occasional crash of thunder and lightning exhilarates me. Guess I am a child of the storm. Bring on the rain. 


sharman said...

Because when it rains, everything goes haywire on the roads and it makes the traffic 10 times worse. Because when it rains, even the umbrella can't offer you much protection. Because when it rains, I don't like carrying a wet umbrella along. Because when it rains, my expensive satelite tv decides to stop working, and sometimes the phone lines too. Because when it rains, my loafers weren't meant for a wash. Because when it rains, carparks are full and so is the public transport. Only in our beautifully organized country.

But personally why i have a problem with the rain, because when it rains, that's the day i can't afford a snooze or my under-molested-book for i have to work. Boohoo.

savante said...

The traffic is due to idiotic drivers. Get a raincoat. Get a different satellite provider. Change shoes. Wait till the rain stops. Hahaha... Don't blame the poor rain... Haha.