Sunday, April 24, 2011

Siamese Twin Syndrome

It turns out my friend Whispery Wilhemina has managed to hold on to her latest man date. Nice sensible fellow - that we've secretly started calling Deputy Dawg - since he does have a painful propensity to slip into hip hop slang.

But that's fine by me since at least the Dawg doesn't smack her around.

Paul : I take it things are going well with you and your new fella?
Wilhelmina : We're keeping it real, you know what I'm saying?
Paul : Is that a bling I'm blinded by?
Wilhelmina : Yeah, home boy, I so love hip hop now.
Paul : Didn't you once call it ghetto trash?
Wilhelmina : I've found a new appreciation for it.
Paul : You know you're doing again, don't you?
Wilhelmina : Doing what?
Paul : Changing to suit your new boytoy.

Let me recall the more memorable ones to reiterate. I recall Wilhemina's immersion into the neon waters of Japanese pop - just because her ex worked there once upon a time - only to emerge as a skankier version of Ayumi Hamasaki. Then there was the time Wilhelmina flipped into a psycho-housewife version of Nigella Lawson just to please her ex with profiteroles and madelines.

And now this. I could have sworn Wilhelmina had a temporary tramp stamp on her back but I couldn't tell for sure.

Joined at the hip? NO!

Look, I understand trying to find common interests with your new partner.We all do things to please the ones we love. We try the things they like. We listen to the music they like. We watch the movies they like. Trying out new music, new books, new pursuits, new experiences - all that can be quite an adventure with somebody new.

But I always figure there should be a line. We don't really have to be exact Stepford clones of each other, do we? Smacks of the horrific Siamese Twin Syndrome that I'm always so afraid of.

Siamese Twin Syndrome? Oh yeah, to me it means clones joined at the hip.

Something I have no intention of falling into. Surely even though we're together, we are allowed to have our own interests, hobbies and pursuits separate from our partners? Certainly made me wonder whether Charming Calvin and I have become nearly identical in that respect.

What a horrifying prospect!


Mr.D said...

I think it's okay to have common interests but definitely must be sincere.

Trying to adapt to please the partner is beneficial for the relationship but a line has to be drawn somewhere.

Tempus said...

its fun to have something in common, but having EVERYTHING in common makes it irritating, not to mention BORING. Hello, variation for evolution girl. If its looking to yourself everyday, might as well get a mirror, unless you are that narcissistic to need yourself EVERYWHERE.

I'm also trying to keep my own values while getting to know the new dude, don't wanna lose myself along the way like piercing my ear. So not me.

Legolas said...

I still don't read most books, and will never let go of my weepy Chinese songs especially A Mei and Faye's.

Speaking of which, look at A Mei's new song!

savante said...

Agree with you there, mr d. I'm sure we all learn something from all our boyfriends but that doesn't mean we have to be clones.

Don't turn into Siamese Twins, tempus! :)

At least you do read more now :) Will check out the song, babe.