Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drag Kings

Since they are already locally ( internationally? ) renowned for their shocking lack of intelligence and forethought, we have grown to expect acts of incomprehensible, ill-conceived suggestions from our ever-expanding army of idiotic Malaysian bureaucrats.

And yet sometimes they can still surprise us with their sheer stupidity.

Like their recent attempts to de-sissify the boys with a correction school. Turns out the draconian State Education department has pin-pointed 66 unfortunate schoolboys with effeminate tendencies and forced them to a mysterious gulag aimed at helping them behave in a proper socially acceptable manner.

Time to be a man!
Or else.

How exactly do the narrow-minded fools judge? With the terrifying spectre of homosexuality and transgenderism hanging over their heads, supposedly teachers were instructed the year before to identify students who displayed feminine qualities. Already have this classic black-and-white scene in my head where uniformed officers march in Gestapo-like to a classroom to snatch schoolkids according to the noodle limpness of their wrists. Or maybe even that teeny bit of sway in their hips? A profound admiration for music, culture and arts?

A crazed obsession for Lady Gaga?

Seriously. Not even gay-dar works that well all the time!

So how would the classes in the straight-acting gulag be conducted? My mind literally boggles at their futile attempts to butch someone up! Teach them how to walk? Teach them how to talk? And who would these macho experts at this exclusive finishing school be?

No doubt the classes would prove to be something like the infamous scene from In & Out. Be a man. Kick someone. Punch someone. Bite someone's ear.

So much for schools providing a safe and neutral environment for our children to grow and develop without fear of recrimination for being themselves. Guess these days our education system prefers churning out rough, tough manly thugs who spit and scratch themselves.

And don't dance.

Seriously never had the urge to drag till now. Move over, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. All I wanna do now is leap into slinky stilettos, pile on the make-up with a shovel and drive a neon-pink bus over to the rescue the much-abused boys.


Vincent~ said...

i was rolling on the floor with laughter when i read the news, and when i finish howling, fear began to set in, these ppl are really hopeless. long live Malaysia. -__-

Le Chatelier said...

Count me in! I will be the usher in that neon pink bus! Tu-dia!
But still, I don't really fancy dragging... I will go with a military suit perhaps. Kadet polis uniform is not bad too :-)
Thank God Dato' Shahrizat stood up to say something about this. But whether to sue those bunch of innocent educators under Child Abuse, we shall wait and see... Hope something can be done to address the problem, or else those "leaders" will just chincai come out with their brilliant ideas. Sigh~

Tempus said...

never knew how far the people can get these days. I was aware that there are other religions which OFFER the same services, but forcing them into it is bringing the absurdity to a whole new level. Malaysia Boleh DOWH.

Brownie said...

Thats genius of them, what would they imagine putting a bunch of hormonal teens together is going to accomplish.

Ryan said...

Thought they're gonna teach them sing and dance "Born This Way", no?!

d said...

there's another voluntary camp for those "pondan tegar", just read it in metro 2 weeks ago.

saw the captioned picture where the "lady" was hanging on iron bar wearing drag and with the boobs hanging out.

but hei this is malaysia, if we don't have such silly stories once in a while, it's not our country. haha

d said...
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