Monday, April 04, 2011

Drag Me To Hell

I have opinions.

And obviously I'm not afraid to say it. A couple of times in fact, I've been guilty of giving quite uncalled-for advice. For what it's worth, sorry, guys but I just can't help myself.

Fortunately though I don't regularly make pronouncements that leave everyone else at the table shell-shocked in silence!

Unlike Kool Kat. More than a few times, Kat has blithely come up with shocking revelations that literally stagger her horror-struck audience. Kinda like I-can't-believe-you-just-said-that.

Paul : Hard to imagine such a disaster like the tsunami hitting our country.
Kat : I've thought about it actually. I don't think I would allow my boyfriend to die after me.
Paul : Huh?
Kat : If he outlives me, I might have to come back to get him.
Paul : OMG. Drag me to hell? With claws out of the ground?

Hmm. Creepy much?

Drag me to hell!

Though Kat immediately tried to retract her shocking announcement, she could hardly do so since we had all taken one step back from her. Maybe it's time to leave her boyfriend a friendly warning.


thompsonboy said...

Warning is too light.


Tempus said...

Haha omgoodness u guys are like out-of-the-world man! well, i guess its more like drag-the-bf-down-to-tsunami, since she end up dead in the water, probably end up as a water ghost

William said...

Maybe she will feed him some kind of poison that requires her daily intervention to keep him alive. The moment she dies and stops supplying the antidote, he dies too!

Hdaran said...

I wonder what would happen if someone was as blatant to her as she generally is...