Friday, April 01, 2011

The Feet Vote

From the daily ramblings in the coffeeshops and the mamak corners, dissatisfaction with the shockingly inept, corrupt political system in our country is rife. With election days looming ahead inevitably, the people are hoping for a change for the better yet political apathy amongst the youth remains at an all time-high.

Even amongst my own disgruntled peers.

Friend : Not like our votes will even matter.
Paul : Well if you don't vote, it wouldn't matter.
Friend : Nothing will change even if I do.
Paul : That kinda political apathy isn't helping democracy.
Friend : Maybe it's time to vote with my feet.
Paul : By leaving?
Friend : Surely there's a better place out there.
Paul : And if that place sucks just as bad, will you do the same again and again?
Friend : Yes?
Paul : So you'll live in a gypsy caravan?
Friend : Maybe.
Paul : Why not stop and try to make a change?
Friend : Not like it would even matter. Eh, I'm not even registered anyway.

Yes. The apathetic cycle continues.

What can we do!

Vote with your feet? What it means is to express dissatisfaction by quitting or leaving. Jaded by the reverse discrimination caused by the race-based policies practised here, migrants - usually the best and the brightest - have been leaving the country in droves for the past two decades.

Seriously. Ever thought of trying to change things rather than just bitch about it? Instead of proving the racist Malay supremacists in our country right by being the eternal immigrant fleeing when the going gets tough, why not make a last stand by casting your votes? If the grass is truly greener on the other side as they say, it’s only because it has been fertilized with the blood and sweat of citizens who have worked hard to build a just and fair society.

Don't give up without even trying. Go out and cast your votes.


Hdaran said...

This is what I call motivation! SAYA BOLEH!!!

William said...

"Marilah, mari, kita mengundi. Tunaikanlah kewajiban kepada negara!"

Ryan said...

I have just registered last year. Wonder when I have the chance to cast my vote!

Legolas said...

You have to pick me and send me to vote, you know right?

Medie007 said...

sounds like me... hahahahahhahaha

too late for registration. election's next month. hahahahahha

Mr.D said...

I do hope more people gain awareness soon. Been trying to get people to register but there's always excuses.

Danny said...

m not interested in politics.. beh tahan how they can link almost everything to politics ;p
but i still vote.. just to do my part..

quicksilverlining said...

considered it. not going to. i will not be party to a system that gives power to the minimally informed.

given the behaviour of average joe, if the world is going to shit, at least it won't be out of my ass.

savante said...

Yes, go cast your vote, Hdaran and William.

Just go check whether you're eligible to vote this year, ryan. Chances are you might be!

You do know they always have cars / vans / trucks available to send voters to the polling stations, legolas?

There's always the next time, medie.

Totally agree, D. Rather than rant and do nothing, they should at least try casting their votes.

Good for you, danny.

What did the system do to you, qsl! :) Surely you're too young for them to have abused you in any such manner!


SynchingZincInc said...

Will be my first time voting. Hoping to see changes and break the monopoly.

Tempus said...

oo too bad im only eligible for the next election. but im not the type that bother to vote anyway... but who knows what might change over the years