Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

I gotta say I'm all for sex education in our schools.

Despite the fact that I seriously doubt it would ever be properly integrated and taught in our school system - since the conservative zealots would probably bleep out every other word in the sex education textbook leaving a confused morass of contradictions! Certainly no talk of premarital sex, not a whisper of adultery and let's not even discuss homosexuality lest it infects the younger generation, shall we?

Now let's talk about sex.

And that is only if we actually manage to get over the fact that the religious prudes would prefer sex education be openly taught over their collective dead bodies. Talk of combating social ills such as teenage pregnancies would only be heard on deaf ears when it comes to this narrow-minded lot who frequently make the erroneous claim that allowing sex education only encourages the youth to go out and have sex. Seriously, get over yourselves. Whether with or without the education to arm them against the ills, the kids will want to go out and have sex.

But it's almost impossible to convince these stern moralists who prefer to preach abstinence-only lectures. A pity that a number of them are actually educationists.

Hence this horrifying ( and I'll admit hilarious ) video of a sex education talk in a local primary school. Seems the teacher exhorts the students to have sex only according to the proper way between a husband and his wife. Any other variations on the above sexual coupling, veering away from the standard heteronormative directives, would be deemed aberrant - and the participants obviously meant to be reviled with offensive slurs.

I know I should get mad. Certainly isn't a laughable matter.

Basically the video shows an overzealous teacher goading his wide-eyed student charges to denounce those engaging in what he deems unhealthy, illicit sexual practices - ranging from premarital sex to homosexuality ... and well anything vaguely sexual occurring outside of a sanctified heterosexual union between man and wife. In case the guileless students are still confused over the matter, the teacher helpfully provides them with several derogatory insults, even adjuring them to repeat the abusive words loudly.

At least now I know how some homophobic bigots are indoctrinated.


Tempus said...

idiotic pieces of shits was the first thing I thought of when I heard this crap.m The students were even laughing and giggling when it was between a man and man issue. Stupidity beyond reach, seriously. Well, what to do, sometimes the typical chinese are that ignorant also.

Life for Beginners said...

And so the intolerance and ignorance continues.... *sighs*

filleupwithjizz said...

idiots they may be , but whether u like it or not , many people still are like that , especially males

[SK] said...

i read the paper and he mentioned he has done 300 of these "seminars" and thought he's everything right since there isn't complaints until the most recent one.. but i would say, what he's said is just so wrong and so inappropriate, especially the 7 words - that's just embarrassing the education industry..

john chen hui long said...

totally upsetting. i wonder how those who already suspect they are 'different' felt during this nazi campaign. i hope they don't end up loathing themselves.