Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pimp That Gaymobile

Started this blog a long while ago complaining about the dearth of a gay social life in small towns like Malacca?

Hell it's even worse in an even smaller town like Miri. Though nightspots with prostitution abounds here, none would appeal to the gay boys in town. Seems like our bachelor pad might be the gayest spot in town. Without handy applications such as Grindr, we might have to resort to using secret hand signals and pocket handkerchiefs just to find our brothers in arms.

Damn, is that Gaga in your car?

Suffering the same homosickness as I do, Fabulous Felix has taken desperate measures to replicate the things he misses the most by pimping his car. Which is why I found myself inadvertently lost in the hazy, disco-track laden miasma of Studio 54 when I stepped into his car last night.

Paul : OMG.
Felix : Don't you love it?
Paul : I'm not expected to pay a cover charge, am I?
Felix : Not with a pink passport! No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track, baby!

Seriously. The gayest car in town. Dark, dank and steamy interiors with running LED flickers complete with the throbbing thumpa-thumpa dance techno music blaring out of the pounding speakers. Lady Gaga's club-ready anthem Born This Way on constant replay in every possible variation.

With every pro-gay lyric perfectly audible - despite the half-hearted ban by our scissor-happy radio stations.

All we needed was a twirling disco ball dangling from the rearview mirror. And maybe a few sculpted circuit boys dancing shirtless on the hood.

Yeah, the video's not Born This Way. Needed a break from the constant remixes so I changed it to Show Me Your Teeth. Really, I don't think there's a gayer video out there. :)


Tom said...

OMG, that's such an orgasmic video!

Anonymous said...

So, what's the population of gays in Miri according to Grindr?

RPMnut said...

Ah. The gay vamp video finally surfaces....hur hur

Quite sad excuses for restraints, those....:P

savante said...

No argument there, tom! Even I was shocked myself.

That would be 30 thou possibly by calculation. In Grindr, there are probably less than ten, anon.

But why would you wanna restrain such a hottie, nut :) Let the beast go!

Bradley Hyunckel said...

i wish to have it(teeth MV) to my phone,but cant find to download-able...its banned