Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jesus Loves

Just the other day, I kidded with Fabulous Felix that sharing the idea of Jesus being gay would probably give his highly religious, conservative mother an apoplectic fit.

Paul : Imagine if Jesus had a thing for Judas. Hence the kiss at Gethsemane.
Felix : My mom would have a stroke.

Who knew my words might have been nearly prophetic!

Unsatisfied with besmirching Jesus' reputation by asserting that he had a torrid affair with Mary Magdalene, now the historians have come up with an even more scandalous claim; that Jesus Christ was unambiguously and openly gay. Seems a swinging bachelor of a marriageable age happily roaming the plains of Galilee with a horde of virile fishermen preaching his cause can only suffer the slings and arrows of wicked calumny.

And be branded as a homosexual. At least according to recently discovered lead codices.

The kiss of Judas

A gay Jesus? Blasphemy that would have the most devoted parishioners raising their horrified hands to the heavens. Or perhaps grabbing hold of their flaming pitchforks.

But wouldn't that be against his teachings? From what we know of Jesus himself, I think the man would probably chuckle and turn the other cheek. Gladly. Say what you will about him but he knows all about despicable slander and wild accusations. After all, people have been talking about him ever since he found in the Temple in discussion with the elders. What is one more ugly rumour?


Tempus said...

What's with all the scandals of all the religion leaders man.. later on we found out prophet mohammad had an affair with jesus some more. Weird, Buddha is already long gone before these two comes into the picture.

Hdaran said...

Is it blasphemy if I found your post utterly hilarious???

Jason said...

Felix...stop cursing your mom! :P

kenneth mullis said...

Some years ago (70's) the British Gay Paper 'Gay News' published a poem which suggested this of Jesus. The editor was hauled before the courts and the outcome was a hefty fine and the paper folded. The charge? Blasphemy!! That would not happen now. But this imagined outcome (read the article carefully.. suppose, what if...) I believe that Jesus loves gays, but not prejudice