Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Crimes of Passion

Peaceful little hamlet with friendly neighbours and picket fences rocked by a shocking murder seemingly overnight

Sounds just like the sensational premise of several thriller dramas showing on the telly right about now. Twin Peaks? Haven? Obviously life has started imitating art here - since not one but two brutal murders have taken place in this little hamlet only in the past week! Fortunately for the undoubtedly unpracticed sheriffs in town, the recent cases have been quite elementary as Sherlock himself would say. In both events the alleged killers have both been found with the proverbial smoking gun in hand.

Or dripping knife.

Case closed. Two unfortunate girls who found themselves the tragic victims of love unrequited.

Eh, it was just love!

What surprised me was the fact that the townsfolk were so eager to forgive the killers! Pious people they may be but I certainly didn't expect them to extend the hand of forgiveness that quickly. Actually half expected burning pitchforks raised by a crazed mob marching on the police station crying out for justice!

But even my nurses - usually a helluva bloodthirsty lot - seemed complacent enough. Even with one of the murders happening only two doors away.

Nurse : Well it was a crime of passion.
Paul : And that somehow makes them forgivable?
Nurse : Understandable perhaps?
Paul : Love means putting the other person's needs before yours. Not strangling the life out of them.
Nurse : But it's all for love, I guess.
Paul : Well, I don't think the victims felt loved in the least.

So it's easy to forgive even cold-blooded murder when twisted love is the reason? Always wondered how some inane girls could fall head-over-heels for convicted murderers behind bars. At least now I know.

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Anonymous said...

Certainly takes "love is blind" to a new level.