Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Cold War

There is a sort of uneasy peace these days.

In the aftermath of the peace talks between the warring combatants, things have been calmer somewhat. Rather than come to verbal blows, they have agreed to resume some measure of professional civility. With the occasional disgruntled sniping under their breaths.

Of a much softer decibel these days of ceasefire though.

Teamwork people!

At the moment all of them have signed the proposed treaty - though I'm not that optimistic to assume that the girls will be sharing a peace pipe anytime soon with all their unfortunate past history. A pity they all don't seem to be able to find happiness at work. The job's relatively manageable, their bosses aren't particularly malignant and the nurses are simply lovely.

Yet there's a palpable feeling of discontent in the atmosphere. Though I'm slowly starting to see a common source.

Just today I heard Ebullient Eve saying.

Eve : Well I'm not complaining but you'll notice that someone - who shall remain unnamed - comes just a tad later than the rest of us. Perhaps I should emulate her.
Paul : Like the lemmings do?
Eve : Not to mention there are folks who leave work without completing their duties. I've written it down in my book.
Paul : Should we jail them? Off with their heads perhaps?

Starting to see a pattern actually - that inevitably leads to one person. Turns out this is not the first time our wily Eve has checked up on the rest of her hapless colleagues. And subsequently tattled to their superiors. Starting to think Eve might be working part-time for the moral police. Wonder if she actually notes down in a little black book every terrible misdeed done to her.

Wouldn't be surprised if the conniving minx has a list for us as well. Poor Nervous Nancy doesn't even stand a chance.

Really hope the new girl does better.


William said...

All meticulously documented. Beware, beware. Perhaps you do a Justice Bao thingy at your hospital!

Chris said...

Yeah, i hope tat too..

Little Dove said...

From reading all your postings about Ebullient Eve, she seemed like a troublemaker. Unable to compromise or resolve matters in a nice diplomatic way. People like this gives me reasons to stay away and be cautious.