Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is going to sound awfully misogynistic but can a group of girls actually run the world?

Seems like someone already beat me to the punch. Y : The Last Man tells the story of an oblivious fellow who manages to survive a mysterious plague that kills every other male in the world.

Judging by that excellent graphic novel, you would think that the kimono dragons would do a pretty good job steering at the helm. But as I watch my female medical officers squabble over the veriest nothing, I start to wonder whether fiction presents a far better representation than reality. The entire group share the quintessential double-X chromosomes - which we'd erroneously assume would make them bond as inseparable soul sisters - but we'd be oh so terribly wrong.

Makes them quarrel doubly much it seems.

Betty : Veronica left work early. Not only does she do shoddy work, she runs off leaving everything for me to do!
Paul : I'll see what I can do.

Veronica : That bitch Betty doesn't even know how to clerk a patient. Just take a look at her terrible notes.
Paul : I'll see what I can do.

And the endless cycle continues.

Women make a more congenial workplace? Yeah right!

Don't think I ever did that in my entire working life! Look, I'm not saying that I've been in buddy-buddy workplaces where everything's wildly happy hunky dory. Occasional arguments at work but I think fellas generally have a tendency to let some things slide. Bloody punch-em-ups in the morning but we're best buds by dinnertime.

Not so with these ladies. Not only can they carry a grudge - with the prequisite silent treatment, these angry girls will proceed to nit-pick and tattle on each other on a daily basis. Hell, even the clothes they wear is fair play. Obviously far too tea-party polite for raucous public brawls, they depend instead on passive-aggressive bitchfights by trading catty remarks sotto voce during department meetings.

Betty : *cough* Lyingmanipulativebitchincrocs *cough*
Veronica : *sneeze* Skankyslutwithtackyhandbag *sneeze*
Paul : Good God.

Seriously I don't know whether to reprimand them with a knuckle rap - or toss them all in a bloody mudpit for them to wrangle it out. Maybe sell tickets. I heard straight fellows would pay to see girls mudfight?

Certainly makes me wonder about the underlying tension in the cloistered convents of old. Bet the repressed nuns were all just a prayer away from a bloody free-for-all.


Mr.D said...

a slug-it-out match sounds fun. don't forget the tickets for me. ahaks~!

William said...

I think they are vying for your attention. :)

Evann said...

Misogynistic? Not at all. Of course I find men far superior to women. So much that I wouldn't even consider lowering myself to be sexually attracted to them. Ha!


san said...

as a female reading this...I don't know whether to take what Evann has to say personally or just wave it off as a gay man who suffers "women phobia". Evann...please don't forget where you came from and how your mother had to push you out of her vagina.

back to the post...if you were to have one straight line and rank every woman according to their superiority, I am afraid you're stuck with women on the left =p

Gratitude said...

They're probably waiting for you to enter the ring! ;)

Life for Beginners said...

Catfight! Mudpit! Get me a front row seat! :P

Cheryl said...

totally agreed with DEAR. they just want ur attention le.. like old days those kids at school :P

ignore them both is the best!


fighting for ur attention maybe :)

Evann said...

Women phobia? Hey I don't fear women. Nor am I a misogynist.

See the problem with some most hardcore feminists is that they take things way too seriously. Geez, loosen up a little will ya?


P/s: I would thank you to not assume nor talk about my birth history. Not everyone were brought to this world the same way as you were.