Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lampoon of Lanky Lex

Accidents happen.

Though we should all learn from our mistakes, few of us actually take that lesson to heart. Then there are some who stubbornly insist on hammering home the point that others should learn from their mistakes. :)

At least Lanky Lex does.

Unfortunately road traffic accidents are not uncommon - and can frequently turn quite grisly. As I've witnessed quite a few traumatic injuries - crushed limbs, torn fingers and cracked skulls, I can certainly attest to that! To walk away from an accident without a single scratch I find an amazing miracle all in itself.

Scrap metal can be salvaged with time. Lives can't.

Maybe I should dismantle the entire engine to check!

So when Lanky Lex started ranting about an accident his father was involved in, I found myself helplessly intrigued. Not because he seemed overly distraught over his dad's narrow escape ( hardly! ) but because he seemed far more involved over what had caused the accident. And why? And how to prevent it friom happening again.

Was his dad negligent? Was it the faulty brakes? Was there an oil slick on the road? Did little magical imps tamper with the engine?

How like an engineer.

Doctors like me would have cried Hallelujah already. Hearing that no one's been hurt would have been enough for me.

Lex : We must learn from our mistakes.
Paul : With images, sketches and chemical samplings of the site? Maybe measure the angle of the crash impact?
Lex : I shall present a written report of the accident.
Paul : With slideshow presentation for the benefit of your parents?
Lex : Good idea.

How very CSI. I'd expect cameras, brushes and evidence kits to come out next.

All I can say is his kids had better watch out :)


Legolas said...

Poor dad!

the happy go lucky one said...

how interesting! different ppl looking at it from totally different points of view

Alex said...

Will email you the results. LOL.

Janvier said...

Poor Papa Lex!

William said...

Poor innocent parked cars!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Thank GOD he is not my son.... LOL..
You take care now...

Life for Beginners said...

It's just different ways of showing our love. Papa Lex may have tired of the constant post-accident questioning but happy with the concern from his offspring, no? :)

Mr.D said...

maybe that is how he shows his affection? or he doesn't know how to show it? hmm

sammywho!? said... its clear cut.
i can see how different an engineer and a doctor look at certain things..hehe


lol~ diff angle diff view