Saturday, March 06, 2010


Just a tip for the wannabe fugitive. It's much easier to disappear in the vast expanse of suburbs and large cities than in a smaller town.

In a small town with a close-knit community, it doesn't take all that long before you know most everybody - and everybody knows you. At least vaguely. Everyone you meet on the street starts looking eeriely familiar. Didn't you just see that lady walking by the grocery store? Doesn't the man sitting at the cafe look like the appendicectomy patient last week? Wasn't that the woman who serves lunch at the canteen?

Umm... do I know you?

Or is that fellow the doctor you met at the hospital?

Been gallivanting around town often enough that certain folks have started to look almost recognizable. Especially those who tend to travel a lot ( since I take the flight across the little puddle almost bimonthly ). Didn't realize however that I've become quite a familiar sight as well.

Seriously. You know you have achieved some notority in town when even storekeepers address you by name. A surprisingly genial one.

Paul : That's three eggs and some bread for me.
Storekeeper : Coming in early today, Dr Paul.
Paul : Huh?
Storekeeper : Usually you come by a bit later.
Paul : You know my name? Were you my patient?
Storekeeper : Of course not. We've just seen you around.
Paul : Huh?

Total random storekeeper.

As she waved me goodbye while I hurried out of the store, a dozen crazy thoughts ran through my head. Though I might have stopped in quite a few times the past month, I don't think I've ever given them my name. Don't recall walking by with my name tag emblazoned on my coat - or tattooed indelibly on my forehead. Haven't done anything to make the headlines in the local dailies.

And I don't think I'm wanted by the police as yet.

Don't think she's a friend of a friend on facebook!

Waitaminute, is she one of Charming Calvin's numerous aunts with an agenda? Part of his mother Lady Borgia's underground spy network?


William said...

She browses Fridae profiles in her free time?

Legolas said...

I can't stay with you there anymore. It's becoming a hot zone there.

Gratitude said...

start demanding for free meals!

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

or maybe your eyes speak:"hi dear,i'm Paul,Dr.Paul"
or she's a psychic
or 'you-name-it'

Dr Paul

Antinous said...

that's the charm of small town and its nice folks, Paul. they are an appreciative lot, that's sweet.

savante said...

That's quite possible, william :P Fag hag wannabe?

Temperature wise definitely, legolas.

If only, gratitude. Maybe I'll try asking for discounts :P

If only my eyes could speak that well, bradley!

True, that's the charm of a small town. Felt like I'd fallen into Gilmore Girls, antinous.


Lucas said...

have u ever walked in with a white coat and a name tag that says "Dr Paul"? coz that kinda says a lot :p

haha... maybe she is stalking u... u know how all women wanna date doctors...

Darren said...

ask her for discounts!