Friday, March 05, 2010

The Day I Cheated a Dimwit

I've always been of the opinion that my math really sucks.

Real bad, I swear. Without a handy calculator at hand, I usually have to depend on my ten fingers to do even the simplest calculations. Till now I can't recall the times table nor do I know what the heck calculus actually does. Complex equations scrawled on the blackboard actually scare me.

Seriously no idea how I even passed mathematics back in school, much less a paper as reputedly tough as our STPM paper - our local equivalent of A Levels. Lucky day for me I guess. Always assumed that everyone else at the exam hall ( apart from the usual geniuses ) had taken a serious blow to the head so the grading curve shifted to my benefit!

My head hurts from all that calculation!

Of course every time I think of myself as a ditzy blond when it comes to simple mathematics, I'm reminded that there are some far worse than me. Dumb and dumber. Just like today when I lined up to pay at the cashier.

Cashier : That comes up to 14 dollars.
Paul : I have 9 dollars. Wait, I have some change.
Cashier : How much?
Paul : Oh, I think the coins come up to about 3 dollars. Should be enough.
Cashier : Oh yeah it is. Here's the change.
Paul : Oh, I have change?

Seriously. That's how bad my math sucks.

The amazing part is the cashier actually handed me some change. Which I - oh feebleminded me - accepted happily.

Then it took me almost ten minutes after driving away to realize that I'd inadvertently cheated the poor fellow. Palm-to-forehead moment. Like DUH. Not only did I feel quite the brainless dimwit, it shocked me to realize that there are some even thicker.


Booker said...

Wow.... and I thought MY math was bad...

Maybe he was hitting on you :D

savante said...

I know! Horrible kan! I didn't even realize after so long!

William said...

I'll have to remember to con you when splitting the bill at gatherings next time.

Booker said...

Oh yeah.... good point

Will probably be in Miri late May, if you're around Savante, let's test our math skills at some makan place then.

nicky05 said...

Adui...the cashier sure get fired.....XD

the happy go lucky one said...

mayb ur guys brain were preoccupied by some other 'things'? :P

Janvier said...

The cashier'll have to pay the difference! We too experienced something like that when, we gave more than the total so that we could get a five ringgit note instead of small change, the cashier got confused!

Gratitude said...

Agreed with Janvier. The cashier will have to fork out on the shortfall. :(

stargal said...

aduiz... that bad, huh?

but drive back there and give back the $2 to the poor guy lar!

stargal said...

oh wait, u have change some more! so it's more than $2... hehe... my maths equally bad! :P

Darren said...

kesian la the boy. wait was he cute?

Cabbageboo said...

sometime, I almost keluarkan jari kaki to count my change :(

Dean Grey said...

Paul, you big dummy!


Usually the universe has a way of working things out.

Your inept mathematical skills may have saved you a dollar or two this time but there are sure to be future transactions where you give too much to the cashier and will no doubt lose the money you gained!


Anonymous said...


savante said...

Easy enough to do so, william :P

Come over Booker!

Doubt it. Probably his own shop, nicky.

Seriously doubt he can spare that much brain power, happy! :P

Don't think he has to pay the difference. I think his family probably owns the store, janvier and gratitude. Hence the lackadaisical attitude.

Not really, darren :P I'd have tipped him extra otherwise.

Wish I could myself, cabbage! Tried it though.

Think I've been cheated enough, dean grey :) Maybe this is the universe paying me back.