Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beat It, Thriller

Hold on to your Michael Jackson CDs. You can keep the Moonwalk. You can keep the sequinned glove.

Say Beat It to the entire Neverland lot. Even the creepy ghouls of Thriller fail to amaze my jaded niece, Chatty Carmen. All she listens to these days are the suspiciously cheery tunes mindlessly reciting the times table. The top ten songs on her iPod playlist reads like a junior math textbook. Far creepier than the rotting denizens of the dead if you ask me.

Unlike my better half, Mathematics has never been my forte. Never could see the need to memorize the multiplication tables by heart. Hence the numerous times I stood in the classroom with my hand held out for the blistering cane since I could never recall what 6 times 7 was.

Isn't that what calculators are for?

And so far, I've gotten along quite well despite not knowing what the square root of 144 is. Take that, math professors!

David Krumholtz
Numb3rs can be beautiful, really!

But seriously. You have to commend the wily Chinese folk. Not only did they invent gunhpowder and the paper, they have found a devious method to indoctrinate their hapless children in mathematics. By repeatedly blasting wicked multiplication tables cleverly disguised as harmless, mirthful rhymes! Talk about subliminal!

Music so irresistibly infectious that even Carmen can't stop till she gets enough. Even I'm getting brainwashed by the surprisingly simple ( yet sneaky ) tunes.

Damn. I might even start knowing what 8 times 7 is.


::. Anton ::. said...

=56 Yippie! :P


Jason said...

Isn't that a good news? lolz

Ban said...

Gotta love chinese parents for that. :P

Alex said...

U better learn some maths from her!

the happy go lucky one said...

tats why chinese is well known for their calculativeness :P

savante said...

Well you got it right, anton.

Why would I need to know the times table for, jason and alex?

Freakishly competitive, you mean, ban and happy?


William said...

You should be good at calculating discounts.