Monday, July 27, 2009

Nesting Syndrome

Like all good lil gay boys, I'm an avid nester.

A far cry from the stereotype of the workaholic physician who plonk themselves in a tiny 10X10 closet of an apartment, toss their crumpled clothes in the cupboard and blaze off to work without a second glance behind. Then rush back after work in a flurry through a messy path drawn through the dust and grime of the barely cleaned apartment to fall unconscious on their hastily made-up bed.

Then it's off to work again.

They live and breathe the hospital. Forget about having that plasma tv.

Seriously. Doctors are slobs.

Thank God we have obsessively neat ( OCD? ) nurses to help us clean up at work.

Otherwise our clinical workplaces would more closely resemble the filthy pigstys some of us wallow in back home.

Nate Berkus
Here to help with all your decorating needs!

Don't think I could live like that. Dirt and grime aside ( hence the need for a maid! ), I can't live in an anonymous apartment with plain store-bought furniture, bland beige walls and zero personality. Talk about boring.

Paul : OMFG. There's a pathway etched in a layer of perma-dust in your living room! And I thought I had it bad!
Doctor : I only use the bed. Why clean up the living room!
Paul : That's not a living room. It's a rubbish dump!
Doctor : Not that bad lah.
Paul : Put some pictures up, man! You don't even have a poster on the wall. It's blank! No pillows even!
Doctor : But it's a rented place!
Paul : You've been here more than a year!

Really. Rented place is now officially not an excuse for sloppy decor. Nor a sad lack of personality.

Kinda like office drones with seriously dull cubicles. Which got me wondering whether Charming Calvin has an empty cubicle as well.

I need pictures. I need mementoes. I need bric-a-bracs. I need curtains. I need rugs. Call it junk or whatever you want but I need my knick knacks around me. I've even gotten several pictures ready to tack up in my office.

And yes, that's my office. I have one now :)


the happy go lucky one said...

well they said some 'man' are better with interior design, art,... etc :P and u surely one of them :)

Dave said...

Cubicals with open space allows a freedom of conversing with everyone you know. It greatly helps if you can get along with people you know well.

Puts you on a disadvantage if you dislike the people you know in the office though.. :p

Janvier said...

Ours is littered with books! They've overflowed from our house to the office!

savante said...

Some men are better :) Just hope I don't mess it up, happy.

Never lived in a cubicle. Always wondered what it would be like, Dave.

Same here. Even my temporary apartment's littered with books and DVDs, janvier.


William said...

I always thought you were Martha Steward M.D.

Anonymous said...

All i need is Nate Berkus!!!