Friday, July 24, 2009

The Superiority Complex

Honestly the specialist cap still sits uncomfortably on my head.

Albeit a bit new. No doubt the heavy responsibilities that come along with the cap takes some getting used to!

It's certainly a change for an upstart who used to lead the rank and file to rebel against the so-called oppressive administration! These days I stand on the evil administrative side instead - and try my level best not to subjugate the abused proletariat.

Knowing all the while that I'll have to crack that whip sometime.

Not yet though. Adjusting to the new position is taking a while. Even my usual dealings with the medical officers has changed. Just a few months back, I fought the good battle alongside the rest of the Gungho Ginnys and all - and now I have to hand them orders from the sidelines? Have to admit it's a little weird having to give out advice, recommendations and such to my trusting subordinates. Not to mention approving budgets and drafting departmental policy!

Don't they all know what a crazy goofball I am?

Damn. They want a decision now. Maybe if I throw some dice?

Obviously not. These days I can't even crack all that many jokes since a couple of my medical officers actually take what I say seriously. Especially one shockingly idealistic officer who unquestioningly accepts my edicts as the gospel truth. Scary, that one.

Even the one I thought would be least impressed - our Ebullient Eve - has taken to dubbing me the boss.

Eve : Boss, can I do this?
Paul : Go ahead.
Eve : Boss, can I do that?
Paul : Do you have to call me boss? I do have a name.
Eve : Call you Paul? Yes, boss.
Paul : Sigh.
Eve : I'm sorry but you are the boss.

Bruce Springsteen I'm clearly not.

Maybe I'd be more fond of the lofty title if it was a hot, sexy male intern in leather calling me that. Unfortunately all my junior colleagues are female.

Damn. Have to rethink the entire departmental hiring policy. Maybe even a cute personal assistant?

Now that I'm in this supposedly exalted position, I don't think that it's all that much to crow about. Seriously. Don't think your bosses in the comfy corner office are all so great! It's all timing. We just happened to get there first.

And don't tell anyone - but most of us are major screw-ups as well :P


Ultraman Jino said...

its embarrassing, i dont get what you write all the time TT. my english is so poor >.< so sorry

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

cYiD said...

you can hire me anytime boss!

William said...

Build a little empire!

savante said...

Seriously that complex! Eeks, Jino!

As long as you're early to work, you're hired, cYiD!

Starting slowly by collecting my army, william!


Anonymous said...

This is how i feel when my kids call me "sir". It's like i look around for a "sir" and i realized that they are actually talking to me~ LOL.

Gratitude said...

You cld screw, but you are certainly no screw up.

Ban said...

Tell them not to call you boss, tell them to call you DADDY.

the happy go lucky one said...

tell them u actually enjoy 'role play' :P

husz said...

Dont be afraid to crack that whip. Sometimes, if you crack it real hard and early enough, you end up not having to crack that whip that often later on.

Cultivate your own "boss" environment. Be clear on which areas you will not negotiation on. This is your core principle, but the rest is on case to case basis.

My simplest before was that, I would not accept absentism for what ever reason no matter what. If you are at work and I only know of it at beginning of shift, then you will get a report. Later on in life, I am more of a jackass when I do not even accept Medical Leaves if they didnt call me before their shift starts.

But lateness I tolerate. Quite generously actually. I nag but I dont write a report. (this is usually I was late quite often too haha)

anyway, that is usually the key to management. So far that I have observed.

1) put yourself in their shoes (you already have)

2) Be clear on what is your principles and where is the line they cannot cross over.

3) Be willing to us the Authority that is given. More importantly, be sure that they know you will not hesitate to use it when warranted.

other than that, from you writings, I think you would make a great boss. :D

I've had a few great bosses, they were leaders who inspired.

husz said...

sorry ... if you are NOT at work haha

cant believe I made that mistake