Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Failure to Launch

Failure to the path of success.

When Thomas Edison was seeking to invent the electric light bulb, he didn't get it right the first time. Hell he probably tried thousands of times - and therefore failed - to get the bulb to work. In fact what we do after a failure is what defines us. Those who fall into despair and alcoholism go down in history as losers whlie those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and persevere are lauded as heroes.

That's what I used to think as well. Giving up has never been an option for me. After all those in the medical field have to face endless obstacles in the guise of neverending exams all through their lives. Failure rate's pretty high with more than half failing to make the grade each term. But only the hopeless wimps wring their hands in helpless surrender after a defeat. The rest of us soldier on despite unavailing odds.

Yet today when I heard on the radio about a boy whining about failing his exams for the eighth time, I had to wonder. Let's be frank. Failing eight times over the same paper.

Ben Warren
What will I do with myself!

Seriously. Isn't God trying to tell you something?

Old age speaking here of course but if I'm his doting dad, I'd already be tearing my hair out in exasperation. Talk about paying through the nose for his college fees - and there he goes flunking again.

Though I'd never show such unworthy emotion of course.

Father : That's the eighth time you failed, son.
Son : But Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before making the lightbulb.
Father : Are you seriously comparing yourself to Edison? In between making that damnable lightbulb, I am sure he had other experiments that didn't fizzle as much.
Son : I can still do it!
Father : You've climbed that same hill a dozen times. Isn't it time to find another path?

Pains me to advocate giving up but sometimes it can be the best solution. I know I'll sound terribly unsympathetic but after flunking that many times, isn't it time to think of other options?



hmm~ finding another solutions/options definitely is a wiser way rather than continue to fail...

savante said...

Maybe just not suited to that particular course, L :)

Gratitude said...

My dimwit cousin failed the driving test 7 times. I told him to juz bayarlah! Best option kan? hehe

Bengbeng said...

i failed to get a credit in BM four times in a row. I didnt give up :)

I understand what u r saying in this post but u got to look at it from a 'humanistic' point of view too. :) Imagine yrself in the dad or son's shoes :)

savante said...

Perhaps he should, Gratitude.

Don't have that many options when it comes to BM. But when it comes to other courses, bengbeng, you do have options. If I'm the dad, I would have steered my son in a different direction. After eight times of failing, I think it's time for a change.