Saturday, July 03, 2010

One Night Stand Shirt

Certainly an object no footloose fancy-free bachelor can do without. Especially one who intends to do the dirty.

We all know the rules of the game. When it comes to a one-night-stand, we go in - and then go out. As soon as the act is done, preferably before breakfast is served if possible. But most of us don't have the luxury of coming to work late - and that hasty walk ( sprint? ) of shame through a strange neighbourhood usually leads us straight to the office.

Where we have to try our best to bury all evidence - lest we draw the curious gazes of the office gossips.

So what do we do? After all we fellows know that regular slacks can last a few days at the most - barring some unforeseen accident at the cafeteria. Socks and shoes are no problem as well. Briefs / boxers can be easily dispensed with if needed. Running about commando for one day is still somewhat acceptable.

But the shirt. Especially the working shirt that's a uniform for us average joes. Few bosses would allow an employee to strut about with his shirt wrinkled, mussed and untucked. Every single crease, dirt and smudge would appear on the unforgiving lines, practically a screaming red alarm announcing the sordid details of the night before.

So yes, you do need a One Night Stand Shirt.

Sandy : No, no, I'm a good boy I am!

Like the one hanging incriminatingly in Slim Sandy's car. Just waiting for luck - and that fortunate fellow - to come knocking at his door.

Paul : And what's this?
Sandy : A work shirt?
Paul : Hanging here by its lonesome on a weekend?
Sandy : Just in case.
Paul : It's a One Night Stand shirt, isn't it?
Sandy : Umm... no...
Paul : Umm... you're lying?
Sandy : No... no... I'm not...

With Sandy's fair cheeks flushed a flattering pink, he doesn't make a very convincing liar. Still, at least he's practical. No doubt he has a ready toothbrush and prophylactics tucked neatly into the front pocket!


William said...

Wakakaka. Do you have one?

Takashi said...

Hahaha I think he has more than 1!!!

Lol.. I do keep some spare change in the car, just in case.. and wrinkled shirts are so unforgivable.. so I'm wise to buy some that's wrinkle free..

Hahahaa.. I also USED to have spare gym clothes in my car.. for whatever reasons I cannot recall, but not anymore hehehe...

cYiD said...

good idea

Mr.D said...

badge of honour? hoho

Life for Beginners said...

That's not a bad idea... Hahhaha... :P

savante said...

Hardly, william :) I'm a good boy!

You're right, takashi. I bet he has more than one. Fortunately we managed to catch him.

Gonna try it then, cyid?

Badge of infamy you mean, D :)