Monday, July 05, 2010

My One-and-Only Football Weekend

Unlike many of my more athletically-inclined peers, I've never liked football.

Somehow the idea of more than a dozen grown men chasing mindlessly after a fleeing ball never actually drew my interest. Despite the fact that quite a few of them looked quite fetching in short shorts.

I much preferred the rowdier game of rugby where the main idea was to whale on the enemy till they gave up. Or even hockey where we whaled on the enemy with sticks. Not exactly Aussie Rules but those were the days the coach tossed us something vaguely rounded - and the entire class just ran amuck over it. Obviously I ended up plenty black-and-blue with bruises back in school.

Which makes football even less fascinating since the seemingly fragile footie boys wince piteously at the teeny-tiniest injury. The veriest scratch on the thigh seriously. Played up for the benefit of the sympathetic referee no doubt.

And believe me I've looked hard at their perfectly toned legs :)

Of course as I grew older - and started accepting my wildly skewed sexuality, I found my previously rabid aggression levels receding. Hence my graduation to the milder sport of volleyball though I still had a tendency to spike balls really hard. My other classmates stuck as die-hard footie fans - and I willingly participated every couple of years as the bookie ( forever praying hard for a major upset in the game ).

Maybe I'd have converted into a fan if this happened more often!

So how did I end up going to a sports bar on two consecutive nights to watch football?

Blame my ISO.

Not much you can do when a rare visitor comes asking for instant football coverage. In high-definition no less. Hell, I don't even subscribe to the regular sports channel! Fortunately the town's seemingly football-crazy so there's no shortage of venues playing the games live on widescreens. Just had to follow the stink of testosterone and sweat to find a sports bar to go to.

Can't say I've enjoyed the game any more than I did before but I surely did appreciate making a few bucks off the unexpected upsets this weekend :)


Life for Beginners said...

Hehe. I didn't bet but I sure enjoyed the upsets. ;)

cYiD said...

'...Somehow the idea of more than a dozen grown men chasing mindlessly after a fleeing ball...'

very well said!!! =)

Ban said...

hmph. there's even a new discworld book on football!

Bradley Hyunckel said...

"Somehow the idea of more than a dozen grown men chasing mindlessly after a fleeing ball"-that whats aliens think if they watch football and they'll give them a ball each to chase their own ball.
me too not a person who watch a ball chased and kicked by players,its the players i found really studly looking...bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

think u wd like this. ;)

savante said...

Yeah, I actually saw that out the other day, ban.

Hope the movie's good, anon. There's even another where he plays a jaded hustler.