Friday, July 23, 2010

Slow Food Takeout

And what a mistake it was to ask Nervous Nancy for a ride to the airport.

Though the anxious filly has calmed down somewhat at the workplace - what with the bitter disputes with her colleagues - and turned near responsible, I have to admit that Nancy still has a problem with time management. More like she has a problem with time. Procrastination and tardiness seems to be her worst faults but after a couple of lectures, she has been trying her level best to overcome them.

Though I doubt Nancy can do much about her tendency to dawdle.

Paul : You gotta move faster. Otherwise the patient's gonna be in the mortuary by the time you react!
Nancy : But I'm moving as fast as my flats can go!
Paul : The patient with the knee amputation hobbled to the toilet faster than you did.
Nancy : But he had a walking cane!

Yes, she moves like a slug.

Blood pressure's falling, alarms ringing and nurses wailing - and yet our Nervous Nancy seems perfectly oblivious to the wild commotion. There she goes, our phlegmatic heroine, plodding along her way impervious to the warning signs around her. Nothing seems to penetrate her foggy haze of abstraction. As I zip through the work at hand, our Nancy seems to move almost in slow-motion!

Which is why it was a mistake letting her to drive me to the airport.

Believing that impatient doctors usually gulp their food down when time's running short turned out to be misleading when it came to this particular female. Since Nervous Nancy takes exactly two hours to tenderly nibble through a cucumber sandwich. Crumb by crumb. Even with the clock ticking, she seemed perfectly unperturbed and continued to peck at her her leisurely brunch.

Paul : I've checked in but there's less than half an hour to the plane taking off.
Nancy : I'm eating as fast as I can.
Paul : That's what you said an hour ago. Gulp it down now with the drink before I force-feed you with a straw.
Nancy : I'm trying!
Paul : Move it, move it, move it!

Even under the threat of violence, she only seemed to speed up by a near imperceptible amount.

I won't even talk about how slow Nancy drives. Swear a blind octogenarian limping on a bum knee overtook us.


nicky05 said...

may be a X-ray scan...

William said...

Ditch her. Take a cab.

RPMnut said...

"Move at a glacial pace why don't you. You know how that thrills me..."

Use that line on her. See if that works :P

Celestine said...


Yeah, why didn't you get a cab? :)

Drew said...

you could ask her to continue eating in the car and take over the wheel... drive at breakneck speed and maybe she would throw up in the car!! erm, she is driving her car, right?

Mr.D said...

she's like so oblivious. cute. =)

jamie said...

Tell me about it. Changi Airport's pissingly anal about punctuality. Bluek

And haha I doubt anything in Singapore is worth the slow dining experience!

Ban said...

...miri folk right? Isn't that normal for people from that place?

savante said...

Will try that next, nicky!

Wish I could but cabs here are notoriously expensive, william and celestine. So not worth it for so short a distance.

Much too bombastic for her simple ears, nut :)

I will take over the steering wheel next time, drew.

You mean I was wrong to dream of smacking her on the headboard, D?

But I found some gems in Sg, jamie! :)

That's kinda true. The slowness is in their genes, ban.