Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Growing Pains

Or should I say aging pains instead?

A few months back when I heard a friend of mine complain about rheumatism, I raised an eyebrow. Bloody hell, the sprightly fellow's right around my age! Younger by months to boot! Surely those particularly arthritic symptoms belong solely in the luckless domain of the elderly and infirm. Crotchety granny aches & pains I used to call them.

To hear one of my own peers weep, whine and moan about the painful cricks in his knee, I found myself starting to wonder. Surely we aren't all that old yet! Is it already time to break out the walking cane? I'm far from aging gracefully of course - what with the middle-age spread creeping up - but I'm not headed for the retirement home yet! Took a brisk walk up and down a flight of stairs to check out the old knee and found that mine functioned quite normally.

At least for now.

See! I am very bendy!

Then today another one of my friends - whose identity shall remain unknown for the present - comes to me with a prescription for hair regrowth. Seems he had gotten an urgent referral from someone stricken with a similar disease. A bald spot?

Friend : I wonder whether this hair treatment would work as well for my hair loss.
Paul : How can you have hair loss? You're a kid!
Friend : The Propecia referral came from an even younger friend of ours.
Paul : Out, damned bald spot! Out, I say!

And this depilated fellow is younger than me by a couple of years!

Thankfully I've been spared some of the worst. Though I'm obviously going to check my scalp for balding spots on a daily basis from now on.


William said...


Mac Callister said...

hehe maybe its time that we take care of our health!

or maybe your friends are just paranoid?Kidding!

Celestine said...

Supplements perhaps? :)

carpe diem said...

That's why B Complex is important. Stress buster@!

Janvier said...

Our knee occasionally gives us the twinges too! And it irked us that someone rather go buy a prescription drug without prior usage of it and without seeing a dr!

savante said...

I am beginning to think so, william and macallister.

Glucosamine? Thinking about it, celestine!

Even better if you take time to destress, carpe diem!

Janvier, a twinge or two is quite alright... but surely not arthritis!


jamie said...

oh gosh. sounds like i need a personal medical checkup as well, doc!

Ban said...

Apparently, there's a lot of demand for the hair loss products.

Bradley Hyunckel said...

agree with Jamie,the last time i had my whole check-up was 3 years ago,guess i'll be needing again this year.
guess what,if u curious about you having the symptom of crotchety granny aches & pains,ask marty doc do whole body check-up.inclu x-ray