Sunday, August 02, 2009

Two Gay Boys, A Girl and A Calamity

You know how they say you sometimes get what you wish for? Well I wanted life in this lil town to be more interesting.

Turns out I did get my wish. Of course interesting over here means I'm standing alongside a storm drain with my broken-down car idling by the road while a mini storm threatens overhead.

Fortunately I had company. Fellow exiled urbanites Fabulous Felix and his shockingly resourceful pal, Piratin Patty. A Miss Independent herself, Patty looks as good climbing up metal platforms in muddy boots and stained overalls as she does strolling the streets in skirts and Manolos.

Thank God for that.

Jamie Dornan
Umm. Do I have to get out and push?

Since left to my own devices - and possibly Felix's - I'd probably be wailing piteously by the roadside while waving the red triangle for help. What's a gay guy supposed to do with a car breakdown!

No doubt in this dangerous vice-ridden town, we'd have been mugged and left for dead as well.

Surely you don't expect me to peek under the hood and attempt a MacGyver, do you?

You know how I am with my cars. Pathetic. All I know is that a car has an engine that drives the four wheels to move forward - and that's about the extent of my meagre knowledge! Embarassingly enough, the things I know about the combustion engine wouldn't even begin to fill a quarter of a post-it. Hell, I wouldn't even know how to name half the things under the car's hood.

Back home I'd have started scrolling through the list of reliable mechanics that I know but over here, I wouldn't even know where to begin! And don't even suggest AAM since I doubt they have coverage over here.

Well for us we had Piratin Patty along. When life gives you car breakdowns, you start looking for Patty. Who not only knows her way around the engine - at least that's what we hope - but she wields a heavy spanner quite handily too. Despite having alarmingly thin wrists! Hurray for women's lib.

Patty : Maybe if we cut of the supply from the battery to the engine. It could just give it that added kick.
Paul : Which one's the engine?
Patty : You're pointing at the battery.
Paul : Okay. That's the engine?
Patty : Yeah. Failing that, we should look for cables to jumpstart the car.
Paul : I'm not expected to hop around am I?

But after poking around the inner workings of the engine, even Patty was at her wit's end.

Fortunately when all else failed, she had dozens of helpful boys ready to lend ( her ) a hand at a moment's notice. Thankfully one of them was a full-fledged mechanic :)


cYiD said...

i have no idea about cars either...
i just know (knew...) how to drive and if the tank icon is flashing that the car needs more gas!

William said...

You drive like a character out of "2 Fast 2 Furious" and you know nuts about your car?? :P

Ban said...

lol, it's not easy to get a car going again!

Ban said...

lol, it's not easy to get a car going again! I'd be just as lost as you were.

Gratitude said...

Go get a driver cum mechanic cum sex slave.

the happy go lucky one said...

lucky u to have someone that is so resourceful, we certainly need those helps, when my car breakdown, all i can do is to call for help :P

savante said...

The lights were flashing like crazy that night, cYiD!

Hoping to bump into a hot mechanic who looks like Paul Walker, William!

Totally agree! Felt like screaming, ban!

Still searching, Gratitude! They are hard to find.

Thank God for Christy, happy!


Queen B said...

two gays, a girl and a calamity?

i tot it was abt a threesome gone wild!!

Life for Beginners said...

Well, if you ever bump into that Paul Walker lookalike mechanic, let me know too, Doc, let me know... ;)