Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday Blues

Decidedly not mine though.

Ever since I was a child, my overly conscientious mother has taken particular care to organize our neighbourhood birthday parties with specially dishes, delicacies and desserts. Way before fabulous party planners had made their presence felt here, my micromanaging mother already had entire soirees planned right down to the most trivial decorations. As we grew up - and sadly away from such seemingly childish pursuits, we could always depend on that annual cake with a candle on it. Not to mention the indispensable red wine mee sua for the occasion. Invariably a reason to celebrate when it comes to my mother.  

Obviously something I inherited from her. Always liked my parties

Brought up in an entirely dissimilar environment, Charming Calvin has a different approach to parties. For instance the coming birthday party for his little nephew this weekend, rather than take my simple suggestion of getting balloons, soap bubble blowers and popcorn, Calvin eschewed the lot and went for a small consolation gift instead. If I had my wherewithal, there would have been a circus elephant, stage magician and several dancing pandas. 

Grrr. Stupid Paul. Going to such lengths for a kiddie party. 

Then again I like to overdo things. He prefers it a little more understated. 

Hard to blame Calvin though since incidental birthdays didn't figure large in his family timetable. Such insignificant events to mark the passage of time might as well be forgotten. Always the pragmatic lot, the Borgias have much better things to do rather than quarrel over party pennants and gift ribbons. 

Well ilustrated by this shocking exchange a few weeks ago at the Borgia Family compound. 

Calvin : I'm heading out for a dinner. 
Madame Borgia :  Again? Why? Another of Paul's parties? 
Calvin : It's for a birthday. 
Madame Borgia : Oh. How festive. Who's birthday is it? 
Calvin : Mine.
Madame Borgia : Oh. Are you sure? 
Calvin : Yes, it's my birthday.
Madame Borgia : Nice. Enjoy yourself.

No, they don't appreciate birthdays as much as we do. 

Which is odd. Life gives us so much crap some times so why not take the time to enjoy the small joys we have! 


Sharks said...

OMG...I had come across your blog quite some time ago, but I gave up reading because of my poor command of English, basically cracking my head almost every time to comprehend. Well that's not the main thing I wanna say, the thing is I might have been seeing you very frequent without knowing it! Gosh! Hmmm...

Booker said...

I love birthdays! Like you, I'd go all out, balloons, glitter, candles, cakes and cocktails, the works!

Feels nice to make someone feel special, even for a day, doesn't it? :D

Bring on them dancing pandas!

♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

I totally disagree. Birthdays are not little celebrations. And dancing pandas aren't overstated. They're a necessity!

Haha. That's coming from someone who doesn't celebrate birthdays much.