Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pink Blood Test

Each time an inane politician in our country comes up with something insanely homophobic just to garner popular attention, I just shake my head with a sigh thanking God that I'm at least working with some relatively mature, tolerant individuals in the medical field. Very few reputable medical schools around the world still offer archaic arguments that homosexuality is a disease, even fewer would attempt to cure it.

Sure there would be a handful of close-minded zealots prejudiced against homosexuals but I still have faith that they would treat them as well as any of their other patients regardless of any ill feeling. Hippocratic Oath and all that. 

Then something like this controversial article comes up from the Gulf States and I have to wonder. 

As a brief summary, a medical test is being developed by Kuwait which will be used to 'detect' homosexuals therefore preventing them from entering any of the Gulf States. Yes, basically a medically sanctified gaydar. No mention on trying out those experimental investigations on the unfortunate local gay fellows already within their increasingly homophobic borders.

Oh no it's the religious police again - and I think they are carrying syringes this time around. Man, is that a new fetish like the whip? 

Let me be the first to say that any sane, rational physician who would claim such a monumental scientific discovery should have an immediate CT brain since something incredibly vital seems to have gone missing. 

Basically get his head checked.  

What exactly are they implying? That homosexuality is a detectable virus that can infect the susceptible common man? Or that perhaps something irrevocably changes in a gay man's DNA that is easily verifiable on a simple medical test? Either way if it can be proven by basic science, that would confirm that homosexuality is inherently biological, proving the 'born that way' hypothesis. Nature rather than nurture. 

Guess Gaga was quite prophetic. 

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GVP said...

Hmm, I am rather curious what the underlaying diagnostic mechanism of the test is (provided there is actually one). Are there any articles published about the test in reputable medical journals? Haha