Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brief Inspection

They always say that real life is never quite as glamorous as reel life.

Like me frequently insisting that unlike the much idealized medical dramas on the telly, dashing doctors aren't all that common in the hospital corridors. Few overstudious nerds resemble the impossibly delicious McSteamy - and after a hectic 12 hour shift, most look like unkempt dishevelled zombies just waiting to tear the heads off whoever blurts out the next banal statement. And trust me, you'll hardly ever find flattering medical scrubs that actually fit that well.

But my sad prejudice only extends to my own career milieu.

Mention lawyer and I immediately melt into a steamy puddle of unbridled lust. For despite what my lawyer buddies keep telling me, I still find it hard to believe that the legal firms aren't teeming with sharp, sexy solicitors steaming up the boardrooms with their innate sex appeal and rapier-sharp wit.

And the suits. Seriously. Almost every man turns out well in a suit.

For instance our incredibly dapper Mr Agos here. So many indescribably perverted things I would do to him.

Which unfortunately isn't what happens in real life.

Paul : Here I am hoping for a Cary Agos.
Beagle : Reel life and real life lawyers are worlds apart!
Paul : No sleek suits? Surely the male interns wear deliciously slim fitting trousers as well!
Beagle : I've never seen a male intern squeeze into anything smaller than a size 38. Not in this firm at least.
Paul : Good God but interns are practically children! Waist of 38?
Beagle : Law firms have notoriously well stocked pantries. Steady stream of Oreos, peanut butter sandwich cookies, tea fingers and breakfast buffet of nasi lemak, mee goreng or beehoon.
Paul : Dammit, we only had cream crackers and endless coffee in our hospital pantries! Luxury would be instant noodles!

And the Legal Beagle tells me most of the boys don't wear suits. At least not regularly.

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GVP said...

This is quite entertaining to read. Vets are pretty much the same too, especially those working with large animals. It's not very glamorous even for hot looking vets getting a whole arm in the back of a cow, sometimes receiving some farts from the cow in the process.