Friday, October 05, 2012

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Day-Time

Popular belief maintains that keeping a pet is good training for having a baby in the future. Though a child is something I would want in the near future ( willing surrogates anyone? ), I don't see why I'd have to attempt the amateur route first.

Something Mercurial Marshall obviously failed to realize when he first adopted his newborn puppy. Hoping for a proper guard dog for his cosy cottage, Marshall received an unanticipated lesson in dog-parenting instead. With his little dog perpetually in tow, he is beginning to realize that his footloose fancy-free bachelor days would be at an end.

I said no, you're not coming to dinner with me!

Especially when it comes to spontaneous weekend escapades. Flighty caprice simply isn't the best trait for potential daddy-wannabes.

Which sadly left Marshall in a quandary when he needed to leave for his... irregular extracurricular activities.

Being such a frugal fellow, Marshall only briefly entertained the thought of a canine hotel before laying his hopes on his friends. Unfortunately he had me as one of his mates. Not only is my disaffection for animals quite patently obvious, there is also my peculiar penchant for exotic meats - with canine flesh being somewhere on the top of my list.

Marshall : Could you babysit my puppy for a week?
Paul : Not a problem. 
Marshall : Thanks. 
Paul : Remind me to get coal for the barbecue pit though. 
Marshall : Huh?
Paul : Probably tough, stringy meat. Would need to marinade for long I bet. 
Marshall : Umm.


Tempus said...

you evil basket! Haha you're into dog's meat seriously? Or was it supposed to be a joke?

A boarding house will do good, but having trustworthy friends around will save heck a lot more.

DeluSion said...

There's no reason not to have dog meat if you can see yourself eating chicken, beef, pork dan lain-lain already.