Friday, October 26, 2012

Muay Thai

One of my friends - Jaunty Jared in fact - is one of the most peaceable men I know. Though he does have the extremely rare, fleeting moments of seething pique over seemingly trivial issues, our surprisingly zen fellow probably wouldn't hurt a fly. And yet he is a trained exponent of muay thai, the Thai art of kickboxing.

Me, I find myself with vengeful thoughts of exterminating half the human race right before a hearty breakfast. And yet I find myself purging myself of such genocidal bile with a bit of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.

A tall drink of water...

So on impulse I have decided to take up kickboxing. Might as well channel all that crazed aggression somewhere before I run crazy amok down the streets. Which is why I approached the local muay thai instructor here, our very own booming baritone-voiced Kick-ass Ken.

Ken : You want to take up kickboxing?
Paul : Think of me as Kungfu Panda.
Ken : Huh?
Paul : Utterly clumsy.
Ken : No worries. We all start as beginners.
Paul : You haven't seem me stumble yet.

Seriously. My voice dropped several octaves while we were talking.

So yeah, I'll see how it goes. Don't know exactly how long I'll last. Chances are Ken will throw up his hands in patent disbelief wondering how anyone could possibly be as uncoordinated as I am - before giving me the final round kick of rejection sending me flying out of the windows.

As his new apprentice, I certainly don't mind performing wax on, wax off on his sculpted abs.

BTW did I mention I've seen him in the showers almost naked?


Vincent~ said...

i went for one session last last week!

The guy keep telling me:"harder! harder! use ur strength!"

I can tell u it is not a pleasant week since i cant barely move. Plus i caught a cold, so whenever i cough, moans of pain would follow.

Yeah tat's should be my last.

Alex said...

This is a shocking development!

Tempus said...

Seriously! Almost naked man... What stops you from hurling towards him in class anyway?

BTW, Happy birthday!

Booker said...

Kung fu Panda! Lol!

This so clashes with your bow tie persona but life is such a box of chocolates!

savante said...

Can't imagine, vincent! Bet it was helluva difficult. Don't know whether I can last that long haha.

Why shocking, alex!

That would be my next move, tempus. But I'm afraid he would beat me up haha.

Bow ties, box of chocolates and beat up gloves, booker!