Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Guess it's appropriate that I timed this post for today since I'm here to talk about the origin of superstition - and what better time than to speak of it during spooky Halloween.

I know... I know... With the shockingly rapid development of science and its many eager advocates ready to debunk the entire tome of ancient superstitions, it's easy to decry such unsubstantiated beliefs as so much hogwash. The unlucky number 13. The black cat. The rabbit's foot.

Yet such simple superstitions began centuries ago as a way for our unworldly ancestors to explain mysterious circumstances or events with the little knowledge that they had. Trip over a black cat. Stumble onto a bad encounter. Simply no other way to explain such ill fortune, is there?

Which brings us to Charming Calvin's revolting mirror - or what I shall henceforth term the Borgia Mirror on account of his venerable mother. And her inexplicable fear of mirrors. Suffice to say, Madame Borgia expended all her considerable efforts to rid Pemberley of said mirror, even resorting to such shameful tactics as a cowardly swoon!

Finally she even took it upon herself to have the ill-fated mirror surreptitiously carted out in the dead of night and summarily disposed off. Rumour would have it that Madame Borgia personally lit the sacrificial pyre herself while muttering words of unholy scripture under her breath. All much to the disgust of her disapproving son.

A week after the mirror was reduced to relatively benign ashes, Calvin's team mysteriously lost a significant contract.

Two weeks later, he had his weekend trip inadvertently cancelled.

Then just yesterday he woke up with a horrible sprain on the neck.

Shit! Now my neck too?!

Coincidence? Charming Calvin obviously thinks not - and attributes the string of misfortunes to the infelicitous absence of the mirror.

Calvin : I think that mirror actually brought me luck. Without it, I seem to be afflicted with all sorts of unaccountable misfortune.
Paul : It could be coincidence.
Calvin : It's definitely the mirror. Pretty sure it must have deflected evil away!
Paul : Doesn't seem to have worked on me.
Calvin : Maybe it's not that powerful.
Paul : So you will get another?
Calvin : Certainly I will. An even larger, more imposing one to break the Pemberley Jinx

Guess we haven't heard the end of the Borgia Mirror yet.


Anonymous said...

Your Calvin is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your Calvin is so adorable!

savante said...

Yes, he can be :)