Thursday, May 03, 2012

Selective Blind Spot

Remember when I once said Fabulous Felix has a Shield of Obliviousness to deal with unpleasant situations? Turns out that isn't the only weapon in his extensive armoury.

Perhaps more of an extension of his obliviousness since he also has the oddly misogynistic power of the Blind Spot. Never so blindingly obvious till the other day when a hottie came up to the gym counter with fan girls in tow.

Felix : Wow the boy is cute.
Paul : Yes, he is. Though I am wondering what he's doing!
Felix : Muay Thai class? Certainly has the legs for it.
Paul : With the gaggle of little girls around him? They can't be more than sixteen. Wow! Those girls are so Kick-Ass!
Felix : What little girls?
Paul : The girls he came with.
Felix : He came with girls?
Paul : There were four girls surrounding him.
Felix : OMG, there was?!
Paul : This explains a lot about you.

Has to be the equivalent of straight guys ignoring everything else when a pretty girl walks by. Been stuck in that particular situation often enough as a high school boy when all my horny heterosexual classmates would practically swivel around 180 degrees and crane their necks just to drool over a girl sauntering by in six-inch heels several hundred feet away.

The New Von Trapps

No doubt Felix would miss it but there's a rose amongst the thorns! I'm partial to the boys myself but I wouldn't miss her!

Don't get me wrong, I notice hot guys plenty. Nothing like a tight pair of curvaceous male ass in a skinny pair of jeans to instantly pull my lustful gaze. But I certainly don't stop and stare unabashedly till I am utterly oblivious to everything else around that gorgeous ass.

Yes, I'd drool. But I'd still keep an eye on my laundry.


Tempus said...

omgosh what's with the lip biting on their faces??!!!

oh well, but I would be on the look out for both sexes, who doesn't like good looking stuffs in their eyes?

coolmangojuice said...

Could not agree more...

savante said...

True, pretty things are so easy on the eye, tempus and coolmangojuice. But we don't ignore everything else in appreciation of eyecandy!