Monday, May 14, 2012

Run Devil Run

24 Hour Shopping.

How could anyone not love that!

Seriously, need I say more? Practically lost my mind shopping over there. I believe 24 hour shopping hours should be the way to go; something I think all seriously sultry Asian capitals should encourage in their crowded streets - although I'm sure our own small-minded bureaucrats would whine, wail and weep over the perceived rise in some hitherto unknown heinous crime tied to the extended shopping hours. They always find the flimsiest reasons to justify their nonsensical acts.

Back to Seoul! Just like the oft-abused phrase, over here one mall closes only to have another open. Usually right next door.

Poor Charming Calvin had to run devil run quite a lot as I sped through the endless shopping streets laid out like a treasure trail with unbelievable bargains on every corner. Though of course the number of shops catering to the ladies outnumber the men's, there are still quite a lot of stores offering beautifully fitted work attire with jackets, vests and ties in bewilderingly bold shades. Which I obviously splurged on.

Despite the fact that the clothes - and the shockingly bling ties - were all obviously made for the fragile skinny-gaunt flower boys made famous by the Hallyu wave!

Though I no longer wonder at their incredibly soft, baby-smooth skin. With at least five different cosmetic stores on every street beckoning with samples and freebies galore, how could anyone possibly resist? Seriously at the rate the hyperenthusiastic salesgirls are chucking facial creams, scrubs and masks at baffled passersby, it should be a fashion crime not to participate in the cosmetic frenzy. Every possible cream or lotion for every possible skin surface is available here.

Even a mask for the hells of your feet. I kid you not.

What? There's a BB cream sale?

While most are easily converted once they are drawn to the irresistible siren song of beauty products, the more recalcitrant visitors are literally dragged kicking and screaming by the surprisingly strong salesgirls into the stores for a full makeover. Or at least a dab of BB cream at the very least.

And if the dozens of beauty products available still can't help attain the expected results, there's always the friendly neighbourhood plastic surgeon ready to perform the impossible. Also seemingly available on every street corner.

The Koreans really take beauty regimes seriously.


Junn said...

Love their beauty product :) But really, do the locals look like their TV counterpart or it just movie?

And, its pretty easy to please you, Paul. Just send you to Shop Till You Drop day-out, and you're all set. Who is more amazed? You or Hansel and Gretel, I wonder.

savante said...

Fortunately some of the locals do look like average joes :) A few pretties but not overwhelmingly so, junn.