Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bring The Boys

So what can I say about the boys in Korea? Are they all shockingly immaculate, perfectly coiffed Asian Ken dolls as they are all reputed to be?

Well perhaps not all. Still a couple of sloppy ahjusshis here and there - or rolling about pissed drunk - on the streets who threaten to destroy the flawless reputation the flower boys are trying to build. But overall the boys do tend to be overwhelmingly tall, enviably slim and generally attractive.

Seriously I didn't know whether to turn green with demonic jealousy or pink with blushing attraction. Maybe a bit of both. Certainly added to my insane idea that unattractive, obese South Koreans are forcibly marched at gunpoint across the hostile border to famine-stricken North Korea for a rapid weight-loss program.

Or maybe we get distracted by their beautifully tailored clothes that fit near flawlessly. Perhaps not all of them would pass for a hunky supermodel but most take a bit of care when it comes to their appearance and clothes. Certainly no need to remind these metrosexual boys to dress up! Definitely no comfort before fashion for these dressy fellows.

Though I do draw the line at man-liner.

If only they would stand in line for me to pick

Take a look around, it's really almost impossible to find a slovenly b-boy with his disheveled jeans hanging down between his knees.

Paul : You should invest in a nice suit.
Calvin : Much too hot. I'd probably melt into a puddle and die. 
Paul : You work in a fully air-conditioned office. 
Calvin : It's still hot. 
Paul : Maybe a vest or a cardigan. 
Calvin : Still too hot. 
Paul : Or at least a nice shirt!
Calvin : Also hot. And the sleeves are too long for me. 
Paul : If you had your own choice, you'd probably work in singlet and shorts, wouldn't you?
Calvin : Yes.

Well at least I tried!


♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

Comfort over fashion XD

Leo Nut said...

I agree.. I always stare at their clothes in envy knowing i will never look good in them.. ><

GVP said...

It sounds like you're in a fashion paradise. Enjoy your trip :)

Tempus said...

oh single and shorts FTW.

until i get the body to fit into those outfits!

savante said...

But there are times you have to wear just a tad formal, iamrei! Like at work?

We can always try, leo!

Gotta admit the clothes were terribly tempting, gvp. Though like leo said, I doubt we could ever emulate the hunky Koreans fully. Gotta stop eating for a month at the least.

Very true, tempus. YOu can however buy the clothes as an incentive!


tuls said...

anyeong savante noona! lolllllllllllll!!! mabuhay!! kumusta? lollllll... NICKHUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! my favourite!!!!!!!!!!