Sunday, May 06, 2012

Gay's The Word

Despite hysterical headlines giving daily warning of the infectious homosexual plague beginning to corrupt the susceptible masses, the general public remains utterly oblivious of the fact. Thankfully! Hell, most of them don't even have gay in their vocabulary.

Yes, even at work. Though the more savvy nurses might have some inkling when the pink parade sashays down the main street, the rest remain blissfully unaware of its very existence. After all rampant homosexuality remains largely an unfamiliar illness infecting larger, more cosmopolitan conurbations, surely not in their pleasant little town where everyone's straight and married with 2.5 kids! Hard to blame them for feeling that way since most of my local gay brethren remain adamantly buried in their moth-eaten closets.

So being steadfastly gay remains something altogether foreign to the locals here.

Miranda : Now everyone's talking about us!
Paul : Ooh what are they saying?
Miranda : That we're fooling around.
Paul : Damn, I'm good.

Which is why my randy heterosexual cocksman's reputation remains intact despite my nurse Miranda Merry's fervent protests. Hard not to give rise to a bit of gossip when a nurse starts going out with a doctor - ah the stuff of generic M&B romances.

Nurse : We hear you have been out on dates with Dr Paul. Heard he's a real ladies' man. 
Miranda : You wouldn't call it dates at all. 
Nurse : When a man and a woman step out for an evening together... then what do you call it?
Miranda : I call it a friendly platonic outing.
Nurse : Surely there's a spark somewhere. 
Miranda : There's nothing.
Nurse : No need to lie, you're amongst friends here. 
Miranda : Trust me, even if I were to strip naked and lie down wantonly on the bed, he wouldn't make a move at all. Probably move to cover me with a blanket.
Nurse : Wow. You mean Dr Paul is that picky with the ladies? 
Miranda : OMFG.

Poor Miranda. No doubt she wanted very badly to start screaming 'Gay Gay Gay' though she stopped short of outing me then.

To the other nurses though, they think the lady doth protest too much.


coolmangojuice said...

Thanks doc for the post. I have always been mesmerized by your literary works, how the depths of semantics blend with choice of words.

i doubt people heare are in oblivion when it comes to LGBT. in fact, i think we are gaining social acceptance gradually. western media has done a great job in fostering acceptance to PLU. It is only those under the clenches of politics and religion who continue to stir peace.

Of cause, the current generation is not naive to fall into those blesphemy by least i hope.

Tempus said...

okay nurse really needs to get out of their safe cocoons.

but miranda is really cute!!!