Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gotta Have It

Gotta say I've pretty much given up on chasing technology - lamentable techno-himbo status notwithstanding.

Just imagine less than two decades ago, a touch-screen tablet would have been something wondrous right out of Star Trek itself! And these days, we even have handsy toddlers playing with the latest iPads.

Matt Bomer
Well I'm done with this. Time for a new toy!

Phew! Other than secretly inventing the latest wondrous contrivance yourself - and hiding it, is there any practical way to outrun the rapidly evolving high-tech world? New contraptions and appliances come our way almost every quarter. Barely a week after purchasing what could be termed the latest technological gadget fresh from the store, you can be pretty sure some obscure high-tech factory in China is already busy churning out the bits and bytes of the next awesome generation. These days, the Ver 2.0 or even 3.0 of almost everything seems to pop up on the market almost instantaneously.

Obviously a boon for our increasingly frenzied generation of rabid consumers. Just look at the familiar queues patiently waiting in line outside retail stores for the first crack at the latest tech-gizmo, whether cellphones, tablets or software. Some fanatical enthusiasts even resort to camping outside just to be the first in line.

Felix : OMG the new one is out! I must get it.
Paul : Even though nothing much has changed? 
Felix : It is newer. 
Paul : So what will happen to your old one?
Felix : Nothing.
Paul : You'd chuck it?
Felix : Yeah. Like you should chuck yours. 
Paul : Even though it's still functioning perfectly? 
Felix : Yes, trade it in for something new and better!
Paul : And shinier of course. 
Felix : Of course.
Paul : It's not a necessity.
Felix : But it's so pretty!

Toys for the big boys and all that.... they just gotta have it. And Felix isn't the only one. If Charming Calvin didn't have his avaricious hands tied with financial constraint, no doubt he'd be out purchasing the latest models as well.

But seriously, what a waste of money and resources. Dumping the old geezer into some dusty forgotten corner the moment the new edition arrives at the doorstep? Exactly what happens to all the abandoned gizmos and gadgets?


Junn said...

If it only little changes like frm ipad2 to ipad3 . It's so not worth it to get the latest. However, if the price is just a few bucks more, why not? And this assuming that u are not having any in the first place.
The is a place called lelong.com.my ;P

Tempus said...

wee~ im glad im not a techno freak coz im still using the nokie phone without any cameras! *cause I broke mine last november T.T*

oh well, people just want to get their hands on NEW stuffs. I have a cousin who has an Iphone, Ipad, Ipad 2, Mac Book Pro, new Ipad and several change of mobile phones because he claims that he is a blogger. PFFFT. And yet, he still can't form English sentences without me rolling my eyes for every 5 seconds.

Oh well, that's human.

savante said...

Totally agree, junn! Wonder what happens to all the old apple products!

Broke my old faithful nokia so now mine does have a camera, tempus :P Though I hardly ever use it.


Hdaran said...

Let's hope they've attained peace...

*bows head down in prayers*

(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)