Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi Society

With our lives rapidly moving in divergent paths, it's rare enough to find all my friends in one place. Still the Lushes and I do try to keep each other caught up with the news of our daily lives through messages and emails. Our version of the Travelling Pants as it may be.

Though online chat might be de rigueur these days, nothing beats actually meeting up physically over a cup of coffee - which is why I made plans to catch up with all of them this evening. Turns out they have extra gossip to share.

Of course I shared with them my trials and tribulations at work from squabbling subordinates to psychotic surgeons. Loving the work otherwise but that doesn't mean I don't like to gripe.

OMG! Tell me more!

Rather than just tell a story, Fabulous Fiona decided on a show-and-tell by bringing her new beau along. Tough, compact fellow of Eurasian descent. Started interrogations almost immediately but what actually caught my eye was the fact that they actually held hands. Nothing momentous for some of us but a decidedly bold move for a gal who rates holding hands pretty high on the intimacy scale.

Though since last I saw her, Lissome Lorelei has picked up some seriously disturbing eating habits. Leaving me just a tad uneasy. Just read a list of the food items frequently mentioned on her shockingly carnivorous trip.

Chicken testicles
Egg tofu
Iron eggs

As if the menu wasn't enough, an obviously famished Lorelei ( even more reed-thin? ) even smacked her lips repeatedly while rhapsodizing about biting into them.


Pretty sure the more discerning fellas out there would notice a dangerously common thread! No idea where it stems from, possibly symptoms of a deeply repressed misandry? To err on the side of caution, I suggest her current beau keeps his legs crossed at all times - and to avoid heated baths at all costs. Who knows what else this starving urchin would think of munching on next.


William said...

Chicken testicles?!

Life for Beginners said...

Which reminds me, aren't bulls' testicles known as prarie oysters? Or something? :P

Mikey said...

exotic food much? Lissome Lorelei should watch what she pops into her mouth *sniggers*

give me good ol' normal food, anyday, anytime. (beefcake please, and i do mean the hawt waiter, not the starters. LOL)

Chris said...

can it be eat?

the happy go lucky one said...

i actually love to chew the iron egg :P
and lolll at leg crossing part :P

savante said...

Yes! And it's supposedly really good, william.

Yeah they are. Never tried them though, life.

She has adventurous tastes. So do I, mikey.

Definitely, chris.

Have to start looking for those iron eggs now. Haven't tried it yet, happy.