Saturday, April 10, 2010

Save the Last Dance

My earnest wellwishers have been concerned of late. With my prolonged absence, it seems Charming Calvin has been stepping out once too often with a certain eligible bloke. Heretofore purely platonic meets of course. Yet of such obvious regularity that my loyal Greek chorus has been prompted to whisper an ominous warning in my ear.

Nothing too incriminating. Just near daily reports of his every move by an entire company of voluntary spies.

Big Brother Watching

One would expect a green-eyed Scorpio to immediately go ballistic - but hell, I've actually gone down the crazy jealous bitch route in my green youth. Broken lamps and screaming hysterics. Oh yeah, done that. And look how that turned out.

Keen to get a rise out of me, Calvin obviously enjoys needling me with constant reminders of this fellow. Yet I'm determined not to give in to the green-eyed monster. All very zen these days, I tell ya. Always stand by the adage that the relationship between boyfriends shouldn't descend into the sick, dysfunctional ties of a suspicious jailor and his unwilling prisoner. There should always be an element of trust inherent in every relationship.

But that doesn't mean I'm turning a blind eye to the friendly tête-à-tête. So I have a special number specially dedicated to Calvin.

Of course though I'm not enacting the jealous lover stereotype, that doesn't mean I'm not keeping an eye on the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

some seem to think that open relationship is the only way to keep a relationship lively in the pink world. May be dr.paul can prove them wrong?

Anyways, what happen to big bicep barry? He features in your old posts rather frequently. I miss reading about him (and also fantansizing....)


Medie007 said...

oooo tough call. keep your cool... keep your cool...

just don't throw those Chinas when you lose it.

Legolas said...

I ain't do nothing wrong yet. If you don't trust me, I will not be happy.

William said...


Chickalodeon said...

So romantic!