Monday, April 05, 2010

Friends & Familiars

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that's certainly true in my case. But as usual the cynics claim the reverse to be true as well.

In the case of my friends here, familiarity at work certainly breeds contempt. Since it's a small chain gang they have over there swabbing on the pirate ship, Piratin Patty and her two-man crew - Fabulous Felix and Nutty Nana - have repeatedly slandering the reputation of the lone absentee. Good-natured ribbing mostly since basically the fellow's not there to defend himself.

But it obviously left me with a skewed impression of Dishy Dante. There was no mention of what he looked like so I always imagined a regular straight sloppy joe.

An idea that underwent a total paradigm shift when I finally saw him in person. Left alone with Dante and some rope in a darkened room, I'd probably have ravished his well-formed person. Perhaps Dante might be a tad lacklustre at work but he certainly wasn't lacking in looks. Seriously dishy. Those slim, tanned, doe-eyed Pinoy hunks you see in soft-core gay porn? Well he looks just as good, if not better. Though of course his colleagues - probably inured to his spectacular looks - don't actually see it.

Maybe if I blow-dry my hair?

You'd think this the ravings of a delusional, sex-deprived perv if only my assessment of Dante isn't confirmed by impartial observer Neonatal Nate himself.

Patty : No idea how Dante actually got a sophomoric fan club! His bimbotic
minahs call him all the time! What do they see in him?
Paul : No idea why he's a playa? Hot damn, he's cute.
Nate : Definitely. Though these guys will never agree.
Patty : Who? Nick? Eeew. You gotta be kidding me! He's just blah Dante.
Paul : Dante isn't blah. You'd want to spread that delicious piece of mocha-latte delight on a cracker and eat it.
Felix : But it's Dante. Eeew.
Nana : Double eeew!
Paul : You're obviously confusing his personality with his looks. Laggard at work he may be but that doesn't make him any less good-looking.
Patty : But it's Dante. Eeew.

No getting through to them obviously.

Even with repeated viewings of Dante at work, Patty and her crew still disagree. Familiarity breeds contempt? Can working constantly side-by-side with an eligible bachelor - being exposed to all his endless freaks and foibles - actually turn you off?

Maybe I should talk Nick into wearing skimpy Speedos to work. Perhaps that would change their minds. Certainly would help company morale.


William said...

It's hard to find a cute colleague. And when you do, the effect kinda just wears off after a while.

Antinous said...

indeed familiarity breeds contempt, how unfortunate these poor souls. Think it's high time you educate them on the 'good' side of that poor fella, ahahahhaaa.

Little Dove said...

Work ethics is always more important, thus this may be the reason his poor work attitude overshadowed his good looks. His colleagues might be so put off by his work habits until they fail to see his handsome features.

Chris said...

fmily alwaz come 1st to me.. bcos they care me a lot..

Edison Lee said...

"Maybe I should talk Nick into wearing skimpy Speedos to work."


OR just ask him to celebrate earth hour naked at ur place~ ;P


i agree. Seriously, my lady boss is quite pretty, but with her bitchy attitude and behavior... i rather give her a big slap on her face

Mr.D said...

sounds interesting (and promising too). we want pictars~!!!

p/s: does he have abs?