Thursday, April 08, 2010

Truth Hurts

Oh yes, I can certainly vouch for that.

On the event that you tell a white lie ( if there even is such a thing ), beware of Honest Abe spouses close by all too ready to supply the truth instead. Some they are often far too eager to point out any purported mistakes.

Case in point, you see I met a colleague of mine away from work. Since I was a skipping a relatively soporific meeting held more for procedure than necessity, I told him that I'd mistaken the timing of the meeting. Barely missed a beat. Smooth operator, that's me.

Except I'd forgotten all about a little someone who'd overdosed on veritaserum.

Paul : It was today? Damn, I thought it was tomorrow!
Colleague : Well you missed it by an hour already. It's over.
Paul : Doubt they decided on anything though.
Colleague : As usual. Better to just skip it.
Calvin : But didn't you know already? You talked about skipping the meeting yesterday.
Paul : WTF.
Calvin : You even wrote it down on the email. It was at 2 pm.

Oh yes, the white lie went so smoothly till my ingenuous partner came by.

Calvin : Oh yeah, he's supposed to skip the meeting.
Paul : Fucking hell!

Just this close to kicking our righteous samaritan honestly. Unfortunately no amount of eyebrow-raising or nose-twitching seemed to have gotten the message across. Obviously communicating through telepathy only works if both partners speak the same language. Get With The Program is just a lil hard to translate through eyeball rolling.

Fortunately my colleague seemed blissfully obvious of that teensy fact. After all I later found he'd knowingly skipped the meeting himself.

So guess who I'm not calling for an alibi if I killed someone.


Queen B said...


Glad this never happened to me~

kidz said...

first time visitor here, and really enjoy reading the post here.. nice blog sir.. thought u cud have been an author =p


Cabbageboo said...

Liar liar pants on fire :P

Janvier said...

Hahaha so probably you won't be telling Calvin so much of your schedules in the future? :P


Calvin is jst being honest.... but.... hahaha~ luckily this never happen to me b4 :P

Legolas said...

Why lie? I don't get the idea.

unknownwriter said...

why ur page...soooooooooooooooo...guy????

Mr.D said...

meetings are always... what they say? a drag and snoozefest.

no wonder u skipped.